Where are the best deals on Black Friday?

I’ve never once been shopping on Black Friday, but this year I’ve decided to give it a try. I was wondering where the best deals are at? Also, do they have good jewelry sales on Black Friday? If so, where?

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  1. SexyArmyWife said:

    [email protected]@@ take a friend along, as you need to get in line early for the stores. go to http://[email protected]. they will email with all the sales!!! its fun, as long as you realize there are some things you won’t get, due to the stores not having enough. its all fun!! i make lifelong friends there!

  2. Qwertyuioplop P said:


  3. boomcha7 said:

    To find the best deals on what you’re looking for, do an online search for “Black Friday Ads” or “Black Friday Circulars” to find web sites that post the circulars for the after-Thanksgiving sales (I’ve used http://bfads.net). If you’re specifically looking for jewelry, Macy’s usually has some good deals on that day, especially before noon. Also try stores that usually offer jewelry at deep discount, but offer additional sales after Thanksgiving, like Loehmann’s, Filene’s Basement and Chelsea Outlets.

  4. Courtney said:

    They have deals at JcPennys and Sears and stores like that.
    You just have to keep watching commercials and stuff, and some stores will air commericals saying their discounts on clothes and stuff like that on black friday..

    Also you know that box next to where it says “search for questions” you can type something along the lines of what your looking for and there might be other questions that people asked about that and that have good answers.


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