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When do you normally go Christmas shopping?

I normally go christmas shopping very early in the morning on
the day after thanksgiving.

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8 Responses to “When do you normally go Christmas shopping?”

  1. Sophia D said:

    in the middle of december, so yeah, i go kinda late

  2. robert said:

    You and a million others apparently. They said this shopping season will likely be the biggest in our history. I guess it makes sense since we’re right in the middle of the best economy in our history. So enjoy the shopping !!

    As for me, I’ll wait til the last minute as usual. More fun that way.

  3. Marvin R said:

    through the year whenever the book clubs have something I think is really worthwhile

  4. lucy said:

    I do it all online. It’s wonderful! No crowds, no parking, and I can do it in my bathrobe.

  5. Michelle G said:

    I usually have it done before Thanksgiving. This year I just have 3-4 presents purchased already.

  6. Angela M said:

    During the early afternoon the Tuesday or Wed after Thanksgiving, and the next two weeks after that. Some things I take care of right after the birthdays in November & October (really, all the birthdays…), since by then I know what my family members did NOT get already, and it’s so close to Xmas, that they don’t bother to buy those things for themselves.

  7. happy2luvk9s said:

    I like to wait until closer to the holiday since I don’t have very many people to buy for so that way I don’t get it done too early and I have the tree up.

  8. alskater01 said:

    2 weeks before christmas


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