When do the sale ads come out for the day after Thanksgiving sales?

I’m in Los Angeles, California. Do they come out in the news paper or mail?

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8 Responses to “When do the sale ads come out for the day after Thanksgiving sales?”

  1. PrincessaSabia said:

    Newspapers, radio, tv, mail

  2. browneyedgirl said:

    Just know that everything will be on sale.

  3. John S said:

    Both, usually the paper ones are out on Thurs.
    Watch the tv ads the next 2 nights.

  4. Veronica said:

    Newspapers on Wednesday and you can also preview the sale items here:


  5. Anthony Lam said:

    visit this site http://bfads.net/

  6. Harry_Cox said:

    Usually there is a special edition newspaper distributed on Thanksgiving day which has as much ads as a Sunday paper.

  7. Apple21 said:

    Veronica is right! Visit that website and get the heads up on sales. I did it for the first time last year and it was very accurate.

  8. polarbaby said:

    different stores have different policies so make sure you get the paper and your mail as early as possible……i have to work this year so i don’t get to go out….but then again i don’t have to be here till 6:45 so i might get atleast one store in!!!!!!


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