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When and Where do you get your black friday shopping ads?

This is my first black friday i am shopping but i don’t really know how to get my ads.

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8 Responses to “When and Where do you get your black friday shopping ads?”

  1. pinky100894 said:

    hth 😀

  2. Paul said:

    You can get them online for most stores. Walmart has some pretty good deals.

  3. Laura S said:

    I’ve been compiling deals for a few years now. This year in 2009 I’ve been at it for a few weeks now. I organize them the following way:

    1) By day of sale (pre-Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday)
    2) By time available (4:00 to 12, 5:00 – 12, 6:00 – 11, 7:00 – 12, all day, etc..)
    3) By department (TVs, cameras, womens clothes, toys, kids clothes, etc..)

    This is the best way to make a plan.

    I actually run a shopping website and work with the sales info in a spreadsheet and then run it through a database where it publishes to my website. Have a look at what I’ve been compiling if you like. I focus on Macys, Sears, K-Mart and Target along with lots of other big name but specialist retailers (Sony, Armani Exchange, Dickies, Great Indoors, GAIAM, Zales, etc..)

    You can do alot of your BF shopping online as well as the camp out. For a laugh, you can also check out a page I put together about actually camping out for Black Friday at . My website with the actual ads is listed in the sources.

  4. Brookie said:

    The full “Black Friday” advertisments come out in the newspaper on Thanksgiving day. In my family it is a tradition for everyone to sit around a huge table and browse through the ads.

    Other wise, you can find some deals early here:
    This is the website I use, but I am sure there are many more.

    Good luck, happy shopping!

  5. Mr. Wizard said:

    My view of Black Friday is akin to a major sweepstakes contest: Many will enter–but few will win. The ads are cleverly written and it’s the smart shopper who pays CLOSE attention to the SMALL PRINT on the ads….and keep a cautious mind set on “Bait and Switch” radar. Bait and switch is a time honored and scandalous sales method, where they throw a “too good to be true” pitch on a product—that’s gone when you arrive to the store, just as luck would have it—but if you mosey over w/ the salesperson–they’ll show you a SIMILAR decent bargain…..

    ….you get the idea. Think about it: Where’s the logic in advertising to thousands and millions of people, sweet deals on items they have maybe less than a dozen in physical stock in their store(s)???? Oh, they pray to usher in thousands of rushing shoppers—but from that bunch, only less than 12 will actually go home with “the prize”. What are true odds YOU will be one of those lucky ones???

    All the major overmarketed mega-shopping chain outlets are all praying the masses of unsuspecting shoppers will outnumber the real smart shoppers—the ones who’ll do the smart thing and avoid Black Friday “specials” alltogether.

  6. Alex said:
  7. Joy said:

    Don’t go to the stores it’s to crazy you waste hours in line, just shop online, they have the same deals without the crowds, just login the following link:

  8. dorwin29 said:

    The ads are everywhere. Just go to the store and ask them for a Black friday Circular if you plan on making a trip to the store on Friday.


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