Whats a good main dish for a Thanksgiving with vegetarians?

My brother and his friend are coming home for Thanksgiving and both of them are vegetarians. We need a main dish for them to eat but she hates pasta and he wont eat melted cheese. Any suggestions?

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11 Responses to “Whats a good main dish for a Thanksgiving with vegetarians?”

  1. Person;) said:

    carrot and ginger soup???

  2. Actress-Cutie said:

    -pumkin soup
    -pumpkin salad (lol)
    -ask them what they like!

  3. Kenny M said:

    How about a Tofurkey! It’s real, See the link below.

  4. josi said:

    Tofurkey…oh yes… it’s real!


    “America’s Leading Turkey Alternative Since 1995”

    A Delicious Vegetarian Feast and Gravy!
    Good News For Vegetarians & Turkeys . . .

    Whether you are seeking to offer a meatless option for a portion of your dinner guests or are planning a complete vegetarian feast, Tofurky will satisfy and amaze all who try it.

    “Finally, vegetarians have a bona fide holiday centerpiece that is all their own. They don’t have to settle for second best anymore”

  5. S said:

    i would guess maybe eggplant casserole, or squash or mixed roasted vegetables with polenta

  6. Joanne A. W said:

    Make it easy on yourself on that busy day and go to the freezer section of your supermarket and you will find Amie veggie frozen foods. Another great name is Michael Angelo’s many frozen foods such as eggplant parmesan. Pop all these in your microwave and serve on a pretty dish for your brother and friend. We have eaten these many times and found them to be very tasty, especial the Michael Angelo meals. We are not vegetarians, but often serve the eggplant parmesan. It does have cheese so this will be the dish for the girl.

    I just thought of something else for your brother…..I eat it about once per week…..Pasta-Roni Olive Oil and Garlic. Takes about 30 minutes to prepare, cook, and serve. There are many other Pasta-Roni dinners. They come in a box and are cooked in water.

    Click this link and go to the bottom of the screen for recipes:


  7. sunybuni said:

    I generally serve a stuffed turban squash every year. I buy a turban squash, cut the top off (like you would for a jack-o-lantern). Take out the seeds, stuff it with wild rice or bread stuffing and bake. You can eat the stuffing and the baked squash. Plus, it looks great on the table. Serve it on a platter surrounded by sliced apples and kale. Just remember, not to put any oysters, sausage or meat stock in your stuffing!

    I wouldn’t do tofurkey. Been there, tried that, YUCK! Didn’t taste good, dry and it looks like a turkey roll.

  8. hopeful for change said:

    what my family usually does is to make soycutash (a pun on succotash… it’s a vegetable blend of sweetcorn, red peppers, and edamame/soybeans which you can get from Trader Joe’s). And we buy a squash and stuff it, like you would do with a turkey. Then the traditional mashed potatoes and boiled onions and rolls, and so forth.

    The rest of my family eats turkey, but I don’t. And they like soycutash as much as I do, so it feels very inclusive at the holiday dinner table, for everyone.

  9. tea4twoholiday said:

    Check out this recipe for Wild Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash! It looks beautiful enough to make the meat-eaters jealous.


  10. cacrk1961 said:

    If you make all the traditional thanksgiving foods there will be plenty of vegetable options. Just be sure you don’t mix your meat and meat by products with your vegetables. Cook them separately. Then let them dish up whatever they want same as everyone else. http://dir.yahoo.com/Society_and_Culture/Food_and_Drink/Cooking/Recipes/Holidays_and_Occasions/Thanksgiving/Vegetarian/?skw=vegetarian+thanksgiving

  11. rodarr said:

    I would suggest a grilled or rosted and stuffed portabello mushroom. It will have a meaty consistency and go nicely with all of the other traditional condiments for the turkey. In addition, they can be easily prepared in small, individual proportions without a great deal of expense or effort; 2 things that are at a premium for the turkey day preparations!


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