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What would be the best black friday deals?

I am looking for a 32GB iTouch, what stores have the best deals. Also does Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, or Hollister have black friday sales?

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8 Responses to “What would be the best black friday deals?”

  1. Divonte said:


  2. Stacey said:

    Walmart is supposed to be competing hugely w/ They have this 2gb 160 gig hard drive computer on sale for black friday for only $198. I’m a jewelry dealer and buy stuff at thrift stores to resell on ebay, so don’t discount thrift stores. I bought an AMAZING Ann Klein blazer with leather trin for only $10. I found it online for like $70, and the one I bought was brand new. If you look you can get some amazing items and a lot of them are having 70% off tomorrow. I also get fine jewelry, antiques, ect. and make money off of shopping it’s so exciting, I can’t wait to go tomorrow.

  3. Jordan said:

    Best buy has some sales on Ipod touches, and if you buy it online shipping is free and you get a 50 dollar gift card!! I think most of those stores have Black friday sales also!! im soooo excited!!

  4. TGD said:

    check this SpreadSheet that can help you to find the deal you are looking for. Black Friday deals in a format that can be sorted by store, product, price, etc. Use the drop down arrows at the top of the columns to sort and/or filter the data.

  5. The Wild Man said:

    If you are planning to go shopping on black friday you are crazy….be safe and shop on line

    Merry Christmas

  6. Kim said:

    If you are looking for Black Friday deals, you shouldn’t have to stand in a long line to get a great deal. Amazon is searching for the best Black Friday deals everywhere, including deals other stores are planning, so they can meet or beat their prices and bring them to you even earlier. These limited-supply offers may go quickly but Amazon will add new ones throughout the day, every day this week, so you can skip the long lines, crowds, traffic, high gas cost and still save a bundle.

  7. Alex said:
  8. Nicko Browno said:

    those awesome home soda and seltzer makers are now $20 off with free delivery for black friday


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