What would be some nice crafts/ or Christmas gifts that you could make your boyfriend?

I am writing an article for my school paper for some Christmas gifts that a girl could make for her boyfriend. Do you have any ideas I could use in it? Please, only ideas that you can make yourself! Thank you!
This is a high school newspaper, so ideas for boys around ages 14-18

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5 Responses to “What would be some nice crafts/ or Christmas gifts that you could make your boyfriend?”

  1. Squeezle said:

    “Hemp” necklaces… The kind that uses cord knotted around a “Ball Chain”. There are “Kits” or just the components you can buy to customize it for the individual.

    Here is the Craft Store search for “Hemp”.

    Knit a scarf, if you are in a cold area… Knitting is SUPER easy when you get the hang of it and you could print a “Starter Guide” that you can get off of JoAnn.com

    Knitting Looms, a.k.a. Knitting Rakes are SUPER SUPER SUPER easy… There are MANY how-to videos on YouTube.

    This is a Knitting Loom:

    I, literally, can only knit ONE type of stitch on “Normal” Knitting Needles, but watching the YouTube Videos has me doing rather complex stuff on the Loom. THANK GOODNESS for youtube!

    “Custom” T-Shirts using an Ink-Jet Printer, T-Shirt Transfer Paper, and an Iron… You print up an image, cut it out, place it on a blank t-shirt (5 t-shirts for $10.00 at walgreens) and iron it on according to the directions in the package is ALWAYS a great thing! I do this multiple times a year for friends.

    I buy my Transfer Paper from Staples but I know they have it everywhere or online. Just Google “Iron On T-Shirt Transfer Paper”

  2. Beth said:

    A handmade picture fram with their picture in it is cute and orginal.

  3. PEACE B WITH U said:

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  4. Ahu said:

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  5. Kristin said:

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