What time should i line up for black friday at best buy?

What time should i line up for black friday at best buy?
i want to line up at best buy for a laptop, they have at least 15 of them at the store, what time should i go there and line up and what time do the lines usually get started at?

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10 Responses to “What time should i line up for black friday at best buy?”

  1. HouAnswerGuy said:

    Here in Houston we had people lining up about 4pm Thanksgiving day…they spent all night in line waiting for doors to open next day.

  2. Kelly H said:

    right now!!! GO GO GO!!!

  3. ditzi_k said:

    last year, we had a big problem over here because the best buy had advertised lap tops for insanely cheap prices for friday after thanksgiving, however, when the people who had been in line since 3 am got into the store, they were told the laptops had sold out the night before. the store had opened on thanksgiving night at 8 pm or so and only stayed open a couple of hours. the people who got there that night, were able to purchase everything at the sale prices for the next day. there was a big stink and ruckus over it. you may want to ask at your local store about what their policy is. good luck.

  4. yeah, right. said:

    you are too late. no matter what time you get there, you will be last in line….

  5. cuty007 said:

    If I pass by tonight, and the line is long already, I’ll just give up and buy a 42″ HDTV somewhere else.

  6. raybdog said:

    How much is your time worth?

    Take your salary or hourly wage and figure out if you think it’s worth standing in line for several hours to save fifty bucks.

  7. Metachlorian said:

    I would say 3am that’s how early i went last year and their were quite a few people ahead of me, not too many though. Chances are, not all of them will be buying laptops too.

  8. acfahmy said:

    You’re already late. Screw Thanksgiving dinner, go stand in line now!

  9. abenezerscroogexxx said:

    3 am

  10. Antoine Sarjent said:

    Great to see you making an impact in Trondheim mate. Keep living up to your potential! I’m certainly really interested now to follow this up, even without seeing you live! Good work :o)


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