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What time does the victoria’s secret black friday sale start online?

I am looking to buy many things and would like to do this as SOON as i can. So i was wondering if anyone knows what time the black friday sale will start on the victoria’s secret online website this year.

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5 Responses to “What time does the victoria’s secret black friday sale start online?”

  1. The Professor said :

    I don’t think they have any black friday sales, they have some good clearances throughout the year that they heavily advertise and send out catalogs for, if they had some good deals, you would know about it…maybe the store at your local mall has some deals for you tomorrow….

  2. inglesa_loquita said :

    Sorry dear, they don’t have a Black Friday sale. Can you imagine hoardes of crazy shoppers grabbing those delicate flimsy little things they sell? They’d tear in a second… But they are offering free shipping for all US orders if you order today (Black Friday).

  3. Ladybug said :

    lol, I never heard of black Friday online for Victoria Secret, I believe you can go to your local mall and shop in the stores for great deals.
    Good luck…..

  4. jessica said :

    They only have one deal on black friday and it when u spend a certain amount 60+ you get a free bag (which is always amazing!) and a hand full of free trail size products! 🙂

  5. Jennifer said :

    There is a black Friday sale every year at Victoria’s Secret. Online and in stores. I usually place my order around 12:05 every year and I have to enter a specific code that is listed on the website to get my black Friday bag. Hope this helps.


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