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What should u do if you fell asleep right before the New Year?

I fell asleep a couple minutes away from the New Year, and my parents didn’t wake me up! And me and my family have a tradition to watch the big ball drop and we have been doing it for 13 years! I was really excited! What should I do?

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19 Responses to “What should u do if you fell asleep right before the New Year?”

  1. Angel Lee said :

    Get over it.

  2. HEYyy%$£ said :

    Find a time machine and go back in the past!!!!

  3. brickmortarson said :

    Build a time machine and try again?

    What are you hoping we suggest?

  4. PsychGirl said :

    Nothing, be thankful you’ve made it to 2009… Happy New Year!!

  5. Auttie said :
  6. ayalaant said :

    Eat Breakfast

  7. inSC said :

    See if you can pull it up on the web and watch it fall online. Or just know your heart was awake but the rest of your body was not. It is still a new year…Happy 2009!

  8. CensorshipYahoo said :

    Say wait ’til next year -and then forget about it!

  9. HEAD M&M IN CHARGE said :

    well it must not of been a big deal for a family tradition if they didnt wake you so get up tell them happy new year and start your day you can go back in time its really no big deal a new year gets us closer to becoming socialist with the new elect

  10. Taylor O said :

    I Guess you cant do anything. Just go too bed a bit earlier the night before. I Think that is all. And tell you mum and dad for future too wake you up

  11. J3Y said :

    me i fell asleep intentionally……i’m really bored………but its hard to sleep when all that fireworks goin on………damn its like world war 2 out there………

  12. BOBBER said :

    Watch it twice next year.

  13. Paulie Walnuts said :

    It was wednesday night, just like any other night.

  14. Venom Dealer :D said :

    You must eat the Pie of Time and go back in time and don’t fall asleep!


  15. toot toot face monkey said :

    watch it on youtube or wait til next year

  16. leimwah said :

    dear play loud music..and let ur body shake to the beat..

  17. sunset28 said :

    Greet the day (or year) with love in your heart

  18. obviouslylaura said :

    I can understand the importance of tradition, but today is just another day. I don’t get why you feel the need to place such importance on any one day in a given year. Years from now, you won’t remember that you didn’t wake up for the ball to drop….. you won’t even care.

  19. Leah said :

    party when you wake up.


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