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What should I serve with Turkey and Dressing on Thanksgiving?

I need suggestions as what to serve with my turkey and dressing on Thanksgiving. Side dishes, deserts, salads, etc…… Please, if you can, include your receipes. Thanks for your help.

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12 Responses to “What should I serve with Turkey and Dressing on Thanksgiving?”

  1. Just Me said:

    Rolls, corn on the cob, green salad…… mmmmm………

  2. bor_rabnud said:

    beans and stuffing

  3. nature girl said:

    chex mix, cookies, vegge mix,

  4. Bow Hunter said:

    Mashed potatoes, gravy, mincemeat pie, corn, lima beans, not succotash though.

  5. RoxieC said:

    Well, most definitely gravy.Some people put that over their turkey and dressing. You can do macaroni&cheese, baked beans, greens,potato salad and make sure you have biscuits or dinner rolls.

  6. Imaka said:

    One of our favorites is sweet potatoes mashed with lots of butter and maple syrup. They are to die for. No particular recipe – just boil the potatoes and mash them, adding butter and maple syrup to taste.

  7. trufresmen said:

    a nice potato salad and pumpkin pie sorry my wife do all the cooking on Thanksgiving

  8. bubba said:

    Green beans, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, waldorf salad, homemade rolls, glazed carrots, pecan pie.

    Cook your green beans with 2 Tbs of bacon grease

    Cook your corn with a tbs of butter and sprinkle with a tbs of sugar when it’s done

    Cook your carrots with 1/4 brown sugar and 2 tbs butter

  9. Spicey said:

    There is an interactive kitchen, recipes and online food & family magazine with alot to choose from.

  10. TDCWH said:

    Cheezy potatoes:
    1- 2 lb. bag, of frozen hash brown potatoes ( thawed )
    1- can, cream of chicken soup
    1- 16 oz. carton, sour cream
    1- onion
    1- tspn. salt
    1/2 tspn. pepper
    1/2 cup, butter

    Mix ingredients, bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes in a 9 x 13 pan.


  11. [email protected] said:

    some of the answers are very good ideas—but—don’t forget to make a relish dish–green and black olives-cheese chunks-celery-candied apple slices-sweet pickles. always have cranberries jellied or whole in can chilled, sweet potatoes baked with butter and brown sugar then just prior to serving place large marshmellows on top and place under broiler just long enough to melt and brown them–watch them this happens fast-but is very good. mashed potatoes with gravy-make your gravy out of turkey drippings-oh you might place some green onions on your relish tray.

  12. meletha122694 said:

    most of the answers already given are great ones but being from the south and with a large family this is our favorite; mashed potatoes, cole slaw, green beans, corn, squash casserole homemade rolls, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and black walnut pound cake…yum-yum,,,HAPPY HOLIDAYS


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