what should a group of teenagers do on new year eves?

Im 17 years old and my friends are just around that, we do not want to spend it with our parents. Is there anything remotely fun to do on New Year Eve’s in TX.

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10 Responses to “what should a group of teenagers do on new year eves?”

  1. lo ♥ said:

    Have a New Years Eve party…music, drinks, food, decorations, new years hats & crowns…and make sure you have a nice TV on around midnight that can help you countdown to the new year!

  2. Marco L said:

    watch fireworks.

  3. Matt M said:

    hire a boat on sydney harbour and watch the fireworks from the water.

  4. Katie L said:

    get drunk or crunk at a house party.

  5. Sarah A said:

    Get a group of friends together… play board games or video games, have some FAKE champagne, since you are not of age to drink yet. Have some music going and dance! Maybe have a list of things for people to bring such as things to contribute to a meal… and make a nice dinner together with everyone! or have everyone chip in some money and order some pizzas!

    There’s tons of fun things to do! You just need to be creative!

  6. greyeagle said:

    Anything that’s legal,have fun.

  7. ecneS oN ekaM said:

    party, chyll wit friends, drink, and of course watch fireworks and watch the New Years Celebration. Idkk wut else theree is except 2:

    get drunkk–>get crunkk–>get fkcceeddd upppp!! -_-

    thats all i’ve got 2 say..


    but n e ways, i likee new years mainly because, other then partying (which i like also of course), it brings families and friends together and its a day 2 do nuthing except havee a gud timee.. =]

  8. Blowfly said:

    Most teens will be doing what teens like to do – which is what most people like to do.
    They will be getting very drunk and/or trying to make more teens/people

  9. lothian505 said:

    save money for next years eve ?

  10. Shannon S said:

    me, you, a bottle of 20/20,some oreo cakesters, and a tampoline…sounds like a good time


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