What plan did you make for your 2010 New Year’s Resolution?

My New Year’s Resolution plan is building a strong relationship and friendship with God starting right now, because He loves me and He loves us all and wants us to get to know Him and so that’s what I want to do also.

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10 Responses to “What plan did you make for your 2010 New Year’s Resolution?”

  1. Gossip Girl Fan said:

    to not any sweets for the whole of January february is my bday so lol to eat more healthily, to not swear as much and to enjoy life( i already do that but still)

  2. Woot said:

    Thats a Great new years Resolution and i wish you the best of luck!
    mine is to stop stressing as much and go with the flow more, especially since i’m in an exam year. but i have a great life at the moment, great friends, great boyfriend (8 months) and most importantly a great relationship with God but i have an anxiety disorder, its mild but there so i stress over EVERYTHING and have minor freakouts about how things could go wrong, i get head aches, bite my hand and generally stress, but im going to try my best not to do taht because life is good and in the end it’ll all work out so i should stay calm and go with the flow, its also to kinda stay more productive and be less afraid of people… most importanly my boyfriends parents haha who i’ve ran away from… a few times… 😛

  3. iiLooveYoou said:

    to get fit :L

  4. janie said:

    Garett what a great resolution..

    to get back on track with my life style changes to try to reverse diabetes.

    I had lost 65 pounds, did a 50 day juice fast that ended 4 days after thanksgiving, started exercising 6-7 days a week and become a vegan for 5 months, but 3 weeks ago got a ton of free restaurant meals by signing up for birthday clubs and ate meat and fatty restaurant food nearly every day plus 5 potlucks. From this relapse I gained 18 pounds, blood sugar and pressure soared and feel more sluggish.

    so in January, I am going to try to get back on track

    1 exercising nearly every day

    2 going vegan again

    3 eating at least 50% or more raw food

    4 I am also going to try to build more schedule and routine into my life and try to think more positively

    5 going to try to list things I am grateful for each week

    6 greatly reduce eating out

    7 lose the weight I gained plus more

    If I don’t do some of this stuff I could go blind, lose my leg, go through dialysis (and it caused my mom to have 9 heart attacks in a year the last killing her), lose my hearing or IQ, etc and die so I need to keep these resolutions this year.

    I am worried I might fail and look just saying that I already messed up #4 but at least I am more aware of it now. Let’s change that..I did it well for 5 months and had a holiday mess-up but I am going to get back on track. I resolve to 🙂 for the coming year and decade.

    happy new year to you too

  5. JJ said:

    I’ve always wanted to be more environmental but I’ve always been a bit lazy. With the new year coming up I realized it was the perfect time to make a promise that I was going to put an effort in.

    It’s only been 4 days so many more changes are to come, but so far I’ve started a vegetarian diet, convinced my family to take short showers, started a back yard compost, changed the light bulbs, stopped junk mail, and I’m planning on getting a tank to reduce water. 🙂

  6. Nacy said:

    Buy a new house

  7. The Great One said:

    My New Years Resolution is to lose some more weight, find a nice girlfriend meet a
    new nice girlfriend meet someone nice and find a better job with my college degree.
    Thats a good resolution I believe in God I’m a Christian and I got to church also.

  8. Nicole said:

    To grow and be fed by God’s Word and have a personal relationship with Him.

    To make a lot of money to go to Bible College in California.

    To study hard and speak fluently in the following languages:
    Most important ones

    Minor ones

    play guitar and sing worship music

    loose 50lbs be physical active

    Meet the Super Junior and become close friends & go to a couple of their concerts

    also working on going to save children to adults from committing suicide and among others in Japan. I am definitly going to help those. My heart goes to them. For all the children whose been abused, neglected, homeless, bullied, abandon, suicidal, depress, stressed out my heart goes to them.

  9. G. Bryan said:

    To honour GOD.To have Spiritual Maturity in me.My Dream will surely come true in May 2010 To become renowned all around the world dance-pop singer in south korea and all around the world To have Business Companies All around the world.Nothing is Impossible for God.

  10. Josue said:

    I came, I read this article, I codqeuren.

  11. renegat33w said:


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