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What penny stock will more than double by New Year?

I’ve got a nice bonus check that I don’t want to spend just yet. CD’s suck, Mutual Funds are for bums, 401K is maxed out… My retirement is straight. I have other penny stocks in my portfolio but need one that gives me a nice return by New Year perhaps. That way I can spend it if I find something I like in the short term.

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3 Responses to “What penny stock will more than double by New Year?”

  1. Russell L said :

    Definitely buy HRAL if you want a Christmas present. Penny stock chasers will soon be reading about this stock next week when the campaign begins. I recommend you buy large quantity before Tuesday hits. Then sell half once it passes $0.20/share. I won’t say where it’s expected to stop climbing first quarter of 2010, but it’s been a hush-hush purchase for investors with connections while it’s at the low of $0.055/share. Good luck.

  2. Common Sense said :


    If you truly believe that someone “knows” the answer to your question……. you shouldn’t be trading. If you think successful traders go after the big winners… the “home runs”…you shouldn’t be trading.
    What you’re asking for is totally unrealistic. If you base your trading on such impulses… you’re going to be sorry. You don’t even know the motives or qualifications of the people you’re asking. Very Dangerous.

  3. The Old Guy said :

    No one knows what stocks (penny or regular) will move up in a short period of time. If any one thinks they know what penny stocks will double by the new year is fool and any one that believes them is a bigger fool,

    All that said, here are some websites that you will find helpful


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