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What is the easiest way to prepare a turkey for two for Thanksgiving?

This will be our first Thanksgiving in our new home away from our family and I want to have a medium size turkey for our own Thanksgiving. If you have any easy recipes for me I’d be very grateful!!! Thanks again!

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7 Responses to “What is the easiest way to prepare a turkey for two for Thanksgiving?”

  1. C.S. said:

    You could just buy a turkey brest. it cooks way faster.

  2. Jimmy d. - Floridian~`` said:

    Just roast a boneless turkey breast for two or 2 cornish game hens!

  3. gubwv said:

    if you can find a brown paper bag(the old grocery store kind.)place turkey inside fold shut staple it to keep closed and cook according to size chart on your bird. the bag will not burn it will in fact seal in juices, after it is done you can stuff with stuffing you made.

  4. IT Crusader said:

    I agree with the first answer. If it’s just two of you buy the turkey breast, but if you also like drumsticks and wings, well then they sell that separately as well. That’s the route I would go with instead of a medium turkey.

    As far as recipe, I season mine with salt and pepper, rub butter on the skin, add a bit of onion and garlic powder and bake until done.

    I then take the juices from the pan and make a gravy. Serve with hot mashed pots, cranberry sauce, some veggies and we always do stuffing.

  5. mrwinky42 said:

    I like to marinade the bird in Cesar salad dressing for about 2 hours then put in it a roasting pan cover foil for the first half of the cooking then uncover to let skin crisp up. You can also put some rosemary, apples and a sweet onion inside the bird. It help keep it from getting dry and adds a lot of flavor and arroma to the bird.

  6. TX2step said:

    Unless you want alot of leftovers, you can just buy a turkey breast or 2 Cornish hens (and stuff them). But, the easiest way to make a turkey is to get a Reynold’s Turkey Bag (on the aisle near the saran/foil). The turkey will be extremely moist, cook in less time and there’s no mess:) …. The easiest way to season it is to wash it off, rub with some olive oil (inside & out) and sprinkle a package of dry onion soup mix all over it. Add a little sage too ….The jars of turkey gravy are actually very good:)

  7. lemonlimesherbet said:

    A whole turkey for two is fine with Thanksgiving turkey probably the least expensive high quality meat/protein that you can buy all year. Roast it unstuffed, bake the stuffing on the side or in a crock pot or use stove top. I make hot turkey sandwiches, cold ones, turkey stroganoff. hot turkey soup and casserole. If you get burnt out on turkey freeze some of the meat in gravy or freeze the soup and revisit it later. Having cooked at least a hundred turkeys here are a few tips to make sure you have a really nice turkey. Purchase a week a head of time if it is frozen to give it plenty of time to thaw. Get a pan with a rack even if it is just disposable. Remove the neck and bag of giblets. Rinse in cool water and pat dry. Salt and pepper it. Oil and/or butter theon and under the skin of the breast . Cover the breast, leg ends lightly with aluminum foil. This keeps the delicate breast meat from getting overcooked and dry. It also means the leg ends aren’t burnt. I usually cook mine breast down and flip it about an hour before it is done but I think that is a little dicey for your first time. Thsi way you just pull the foil off the breast for the last hour. Also the cooking instructions usually ask you to cook the bird for way to long since the companies are so worried about food poisoning. It should be about 15 minutes per pound and allow it to rest for another half an hour under a piece of foil with a towel over it.


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