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What is the best place in houston to watch new year’s fireworks?

I wanna go watch new year’s fireworks in houston but don’t know where houston has there events.

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6 Responses to “What is the best place in houston to watch new year’s fireworks?”

  1. xshreex said:

    downtown! its the best!

  2. William K said:

    Make sure Houston HAS fireworks. Some years they do, others they don’t. Consult the Chronicle events guide:

  3. Blue B said:


  4. rcv4e said:

    If your ok with paying, sometimes they have a festival in memorial Park, “chevy’s freedom over Texas” that’s by Allen parkway close to downtown you can take 45 south exit #47A/ but sometimes they close that Allen prkwy to make room for festival…so you might have to go through downtown to get to that festival and then look for parking or if you just want to see the fireworks without paying, look for a good view from Houston Avenue. pick a good spot sometimes the downtown buildings or other people will be in the way…

  5. NATALiE-LikE-DUH said:


  6. hello jello :] said:

    definitely Downtown.


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