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What is an amazing christmas present i can get for my girlfriend?

Alright so I need to get the perfect Christmas Present for my girlfriend and i dont know what to get her. What would be an amazing Christmas Present?!

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7 Responses to “What is an amazing christmas present i can get for my girlfriend?”

  1. anonymous said:

    In my opinion it would be good to give her something meaningful. . .
    1. A souvenir type present, like an object that you guys have special memories with or of a special event
    2. Something you made on your own
    3. Something useful around the house and that actually lasts for a long time so she can remember you every time she uses it
    4. Not food. . . Or give food with something because food goes away quickly
    5. A photo album

    Hope you got some good ideas 🙂

  2. Dirty said:

    Name a star after her. They send you a certificate in the mail that you can wrap and give her.

  3. Dastan said:

    Buy her a Sexy thong that both u and her will like….thats what i will buy for my girl and then we will have some wild sex..ohhh yaaaa

  4. Gayle said:

    no, i am

  5. maya said:

    If you’re looking for a special Christmas gift idea for your girlfriend, these personalized soaps from soapcard. com might do the trick. they make romantic heart shaped soaps with your photo or message embedded inside. I got one for my boyfriend last Christmas and he loved it. You can write all kinds of funny stuff. My boyfriend thought it was super cute! .the “Think of me when you’re feeling dirty” soap was the one he loved the most.

  6. kellyinperu63 said:

    Think about her – what are her hobbies? what does she like to do? what kinds of things do you guys do together (minigolf? movies? listen to music?) A great gift will be something that shows you know her, and can remind her of the two of you together. The article linked below has a lot of really good ideas.

  7. Angela Nguyen said:

    I think you can find something for your gf and family in I alway buy gifts for friend in there. Enjoy the season


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