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What is a good way to announce my pregnancy to our family on New Year’s Eve?

We will all be together at a family New Year’s Eve party. My husband already knows, and he wants to tell all our family at the same time in a creative way. Ideas?

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14 Responses to “What is a good way to announce my pregnancy to our family on New Year’s Eve?”

  1. Alicja said :

    You know those little chinese place place mats where they list all the years and what they are? (year of the boar, year of the rat, etc)….

    Make one of those on your comp and list 2009 as “year of the baby”.

  2. Sara N said :

    Get a whole bunch of balloons and write I’m pregnant on a piece of paper and stick it inside the balloon and take a pin and pop them all at 12:00 so then they pick up the piece of paper.

    Haha. It sounds kinda fun. (:

  3. ♥♥Christopher is here. :) ♥♥ said :

    How about when everyone yells out Happy new year, you both yell out the loudest you both can “We’re having a baby” or ” Happy BABY year” or something like that.

  4. Hattie said :

    * Many people like to hand out bibs or booties as a sign to let others know they’re pregnant, but some of the best pregnancy announcing stories I’ve heard have been those that are done in such a nonchalant manner that the family did not know what hit them. One couple decided to spill the beans at dinner. When the wine was passed around, the wife said, “Gosh, I’d love to have a glass of wine, but now that I’m pregnant, I’d better not.” Another woman, when asked to pass the rolls at the dinner table, said, “One second, let me grab another one. Gotta be careful now that I’m eating for two.”

  5. colours said :

    make a toast to those who are not with us yet but we are looking forward to your first new years eve next year. stand back and wait for all the congratulations. happy new year

  6. Zeltar said :

    The hard part of your plan is getting everyone’s attention. Normally, only one or two people hear you, and then they repeat it causing others to then pay attention.

    To avoid the chain reaction, you’ll need to do a New Years Toast, or some other attention grabbing thing… and then just say it.

  7. Kimberrrr said :

    give each of the soon to be grandparents new years gifts and have t-shirts that say worlds greatest grandma and worlds greatest grandpa. =] totally cute!!

  8. elaeblue said :

    He could give a toast and announce it that way!

    Or you both could I arrive with Im the Daddy and Im the Mommy shirts.

  9. KK said :

    isn’t kind of late to figure out a big creative way for tonight???

  10. bjoy said :

    We were with family when we told – my husband’s 6 yr old niece was the first one we told – she did a really good job of keeping a secret – we let her pick who to tell next – she picked the dog LOL – it was really funny and it made it around pretty quickly.

  11. Justme said :

    Tell everyone you are going to pass out party poppers and pass out some baby cigars or some sort of thing like it. You can buy them at party stores I believe. Congratulations by the way! How fun!

  12. iza said :

    when it hits 12 scream it out ima be a mommy

  13. Insane Boy said :

    Send them video mail 🙂

  14. milldan65 said :

    Ok, I saw this question after the fact…so I’m just wondering what you ended up doing. How did you spring the good news??? 🙂


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