What happened to the push to ban Christmas because it was offensive?

The last several years at this time, there was a lot of complaining about Christmas being offensive through saying ‘Merry Christmas’, the playing of Christmas Carols, etc… Even a major home improvement store selling ‘Family Trees’ instead of ‘Christmas Trees’. However, this year, I’ve heard a lot about Christmas and it seems that the old traditions have returned while the complaining has stopped. Any ideas why?

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8 Responses to “What happened to the push to ban Christmas because it was offensive?”

  1. Joel R said:

    It’s called public outrage. People bough from stores that sold Christmas Trees, and stayed away from stores that sold Family Trees. The next year everyone was selling Christmas Trees again.

  2. jandismommie said:

    People realized there are more important things to worry about then being pc. Merry Christmas!

  3. French Catholic said:

    The reason why is because the majority of people are Middle of The Road. And those people find it ridiculous.

  4. whiteshell1000 said:

    because people have finally realized that society is like a mosaic and not a melting pot

  5. Adrian said:

    people realized it was stupid and just accepted that Christmas is here to stay

  6. snowboard lover said:

    Many stores did research and they found that they sold more when they said marry christmas and stuff. i guess it feels more family oriented

  7. Hannah R said:

    america is freedom of religion
    so when you have a huge day in america (xmas) which everyone (almost) gets of work and discounts, people who do not celebrate christmas will feel left out or angry, so they go to the publis saying this can not be done for not everyone celebrates christmas so they started an upriseing, i remember because for many years my school took the word christmas and replaced it with this very speacial day in all school concerts, yet they could still say hanikah and quanza, and now they are ounce again saying christmas

  8. Cartcho Libre said:

    The funny thing is there are a few christians on the lunatic fringe who want to ban christmas to for being to pagan. In the end though it doesn’t matter if you recite Marx, or Swaggert if you want to take something away you are just a party pooper


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