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What do you think South Africans will be looking forward to in the New Year?

I’ll be looking forward to seeing more progress regarding the World Cup in 2010 and some kind of answer to the crime issue. I’m very optimistic about South Africa and about the New Year. What are your thoughts? Hope you have a good New Year!

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8 Responses to “What do you think South Africans will be looking forward to in the New Year?”

  1. Fergie said:

    I can’t wait for the new year because it will be only one more year until President Bush leaves office!!!!!!!

  2. ♥ Memories said:

    i think …


  3. JeSsE MoRgAn said:

    HI there! I’ll be looking forward to more awareness of HIV. It seems the is a huge amount of the population who has no knowledge of abstinence etc. 2. Allot more progress for the 2010 Soccer World Cup!!!!! I wish for a more positive attitude among South Africans, how can we ask the whole world to be believe in us, and we don’t believe in our self’s!!!!!

    Have a Gr8 Year South Africa!!!!!

  4. gunner2za said:

    i believe that a lot will happen in the new year…………the Zuma saga will come to a head, crime will be tackled, the rains will come, sa will learn to win at sports again,

  5. marrs attack said:

    for me, it will be the springboks winning the world cup.that will really make my year.also it would be nice to see crime ,corruption,disease and poverty all tackled in a constructive and proffesional way by the government.

  6. MEHNAZ B said:

    living in the would prob be the crime (whats new),that SA Cricket team (Proteas) would win more cricket matches,the 2010 world cup & damn where are all the hot guys I know apart from my guy pals. Like Hello

  7. Kitty said:

    I agree with mars attack. Winning the rugby world cup would be fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Queen B said:

    Please a positive answer and willingness to tackle crime! To also make a turn around on corruption and that even politicians don’t come free of this evil in our country and that they be treated as criminals in prison not some king or queen!


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