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What do you think, better shopping deals tomorrow or days before Christmas?

I just wanted to get some opinions. I am trying to decide whether to do the rest of my Christmas shopping tomorrow (last Saturday before Christmas) or if I will find better deals Tuesday or even Wednesday? I will be doing most of my shopping at Toys r Us and Target. Toys R Us seems to have some great deals through tomorrow but do you think that they are going to get better?

I would really appreciate your insight and opinions here! Thanks!

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8 Responses to “What do you think, better shopping deals tomorrow or days before Christmas?”

  1. MUFC Kate said:

    I would say get your things tommorow, because if you leave it too late there might not be any of what you wanted left, and its not worth the hectic running around trying to find things.
    Hope i helped.

  2. chainbart said:

    the after christmas sales
    last halloween I got halloween candy for half price the day after halloween and using that candy to stuff the kids christmas stocking

  3. And S said:

    The deals started on Thursday. I’d go in now before the good stuff is all sold out. Otherwise you’re going to get stuck with stuff that has been even more reduced but not as good alter on.

  4. shantaerene said:

    tommorrow. and if you wait they might not have what you wanted because somebody might already get it so do it now

  5. M Y said:
    This site as great deals and you bound to find something here.
    you could also try or

  6. generallawlessness said:

    It’s a bit of a gamble. The later you leave it, the better deals you can sometimes get, but of course you run the risk of the gifts you want being sold out!

    Amazon had a gift I wanted, then sold out, saying they could not get it again in time for Christmas, but they did get it again – I checked just by chance and I snapped it up quick!

    I also find that if you shop online for an item you want, there are some websites with different gifts that you wouldn’t have thought of, that are on offer for that day only. And you end up getting the perfect gifts because you were there just at the right moment!

  7. Coral said:

    Yeah, sometime lucky enough to get last minute deals. If you are looking to get the best deals during all the Christmas sales then I would ultimately suggest checking out iStorez :

  8. Windy said:

    I kept thinking there would be better deals but the stores don’t seem to be lowering the prices too much. Online has had much better deals. Check out both. Target doesn’t have as much toys as Toys R US.


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