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What do you love about Christmas shopping and why?

I love Christmas shopping because it is so so fun, what does your family love about it?

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7 Responses to “What do you love about Christmas shopping and why?”

  1. Brutally Honest said :

    Not having to do too much of it. I shop all year long for my family, so I don’t overspend and don’t have to battle crowds and beat people about the head & shoulders for parking spots! Oh, and I LOVE the internet….I don’t know what I ever did before the advent of online shopping!

  2. jmmgausa said :

    I like all the decorations and I get a charge out of knowing that I am a great gift giver. I always do my best to pick something I know the receiver will like.

  3. Briana said :

    I love the surroundings at this time and the songs you hear while shopping. Plus the joy of viewing my sons face on how it’s going to look when he opens that gift and many others!

  4. wrathofkahn03 said :

    Nothing, getting over with it is all i like bout xmas shopping.

  5. happy2luvk9s said :

    I like knowing that I’m getting something that my two best friends that are my family will love.

  6. KitKat said :

    I do all my shopping online. It’s pretty much hassle free. I hate trying to find parking, standing in line in overcrowded and overheated stores.

  7. christinelynnp said :

    What I love about Christmas shopping is when I find THE PERFECT GIFT for someone on my list and can anticipate their reaction when they open it. I LIVE for the Christmas season. Come Dec. 26 I’m counting down the day til next Christmas for just that reason.


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