What did you plan for your 2010 New Year Resolution?

My New Year’s Resolution plan is building a strong relationship and friendship with God starting right now, because He loves me and He loves us all and wants us to get to know Him and so that’s what I want to do also.

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4 Responses to “What did you plan for your 2010 New Year Resolution?”

  1. Book Lover Forever said:

    Mine is to finish writing my book and become a successful writer and author

    Giving up a dream is like giving up something you can’t live without-me

  2. Nacy said:

    Have a small company

  3. chrissy said:

    I want to loose weight,quit smoking and enjoy life.
    Happy new year..

  4. No go said:

    My New Year Resolution is to get into music. I love singing and I want to stop being so shy and be able to sing in front of people.


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