What did you buy at the after Thanksgiving sales today?

I bought a $35 bedding set, and $29 2gb mp3, a $45 rip stick skateboard, got a great deal on 2 new Blackberrys, and got a used XBOX 360 with a 1 year warranty for $150 at Gamestop. Just wondering what you bought and what deals you found…thanks in advance!

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4 Responses to “What did you buy at the after Thanksgiving sales today?”

  1. Deborah R said:

    Flat screen $388

  2. mamachan said:

    My daughter got a $400 camera for $200, and we got a bunch of movies and video games from Target.

  3. <(..)> <- Alien! :) said:

    well, i bought a microwave for 32.99. that was a great deal for me, I got a kitten for my daughter which is currently Living in the basement which my child isn’t allowed to go because we’re afraid she will fall down the steps, (btw she is 4 and very clumsy) I got a carpet for 17.00, i got a used wii for my cousin’s daughter for only 240.99!!!!!! That was the best deal i got all day! It was originaly priced at 349.99! I got alot more deals, but those in my opinion were the best I got.

  4. generation7 said:

    3 jackets,$8 each


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