What did the first thanksgiving include on the menu?

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What did the first thanksgiving include on the menu?

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  1. Allie B said:

    some type of pudding I LOVE PUDDING I CALL IT TOODLES!!!

  2. lisa_7702 said:

    waterfowl, or something like duck or geese. Fist was served along with deer. Nothing like todays thanks giving no yams or candied yams mashed potaots…just yahoo search first thanksgiving

  3. Cookin180 said:

    The big thing on the menu was deer. They also had lobster, turkey (but it wasn’t the main course), pheasant, lots of fish, duck, maize, and lots of wild vegetables.
    They wouldn’t have had any tomatoes or potatoes, since these are both members of the nightshade family, and the europeans thought these were all poisonous. America didn’t have these yet, either.
    Onions, for sure, since natives and Europeans had been eating these for a long time.
    Berries like perssimmons and gooseberries and the like.
    Squash, pumpkins.
    No pies, though, since they didn’t have good ovens, or the rendered fat, or the flour needed to make a crust.

    Pretty much anything that you would find growing wild in New England, they ate some of it.


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