What can a group of 15-18 year olds do on New Years Eve in the greater Seattle/Puget Sound area?

Well basically what the title says…there are girls and guys and we want to go hang for new years all night and most of the day ๐Ÿ™‚ Any places in the Greater Puget Sound area are greatly appreciated. Like it says we are 15-18 year olds! How late we stay out isn’t a huge problem so yeah any places are great ๐Ÿ™‚


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4 Responses to “What can a group of 15-18 year olds do on New Years Eve in the greater Seattle/Puget Sound area?”

  1. Magnus said:

    Get naked and swim in the ocean

  2. sunriseslots said:


    Group Health Ice Arena 12/31/2009
    Winter Train and Village 12/31/2009 10am
    Winterfest Ice Rink and Carousel 12/31/2009 11am
    Candy Cane Lane 12/31/2009 4pm
    New Year’s Eve Walks 12/31/2009 4pm

    City of Renton Holiday Lights 12/31/2009 5pm
    Garden d’Lights 12/31/2009 5pm
    Point Defiance Zoolights 12/31/2009 5pm
    Library closes at 6 p.m. 12/31/2009 6pm
    2010 Slammin’ Jammin’ New Year’s Eve Hotel Party 12/31/2009 6pm
    Winter Wonderland at Pacific Place 12/31/2009 6pm
    Celebration Lane 12/31/2009 7pm
    New Yearโ€™s Eve with The Machine – Winterfest 12/31/2009 8pm
    Sister’s Christmas Catechism by Maripat Donovan 12/31/2009 8pm
    New Years Eve Celebration for bold-spirited working folk with nothing to lose and . . . A World to Win in 2010! 12/31/2009 8:30pm
    Seattle Symphony New Year’s Eve 12/31/2009 9pm

  3. VirtualSound said:

    The Vera Project at the Seattle Center has an all ages New Years Eve Hardcore show, tickets are $6 each. Doors open at 7:30, first band starts at 8:30. The lineup:
    Ill Intent
    Parasitic Skies
    Losing Skin
    Odd Rule

    I’ve never heard any of these bands but you can usually check them out on youtube unless they are really obscure. It should be loud, fast, and fun.

    You’ll want to get dinner at some point, you can go to the Center House and get something there, or go to one of the local restaurants within a couple of blocks.

  4. Sergio Rodner S. said:

    well 18 and over can go to the clubs that allow them to go in, other than that you could go shopping downtown, go to all the tourist attractions or go to any broadway play that might be going on during your time there. There’s always something to do in Downtown Seattle.


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