What are the necesary dishes to make it thanksgiving dinner-?

Turkey and stuffing- it’s not thanksgiving dinner without it. But what of green bean casserole? How much is thanksgiving dinner in need of cranberries, or mashed potatoes and gravy, to make it legitimately thankshiving dinner? What if I skipped pumpkin pie? Which dishes are indispensable to make it a traditional thanksgiving meal?

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5 Responses to “What are the necesary dishes to make it thanksgiving dinner-?”

  1. boatwoman said:

    Homemade mash potatoes, and of course, gravy. Cranberry sauce if you like it. Definitely green bean casserole and sweet potatoes and yams if you like. Top it off with rolls and pumpkin pie, yum!


  2. Sumanitu Taka said:

    The dishes you mentioned are considered “traditional” but by no means is this a must have. Thanksgiving dinner is all the love and work you put into making the meal regardless of the menu. Be creative and enjoy the day! You are the chef!

  3. 2ndhandrose said:

    Turkey only if you like it.. mashed potatoes,sweet potatoes,fresh green beans,stuffing…Make sure everyone can eat pork if you are stuffing with sausage. I always make plain stuffing in bird and sausage stuffing in another baking dish. Fresh cranberries,various pies and or


  4. Dylan D: proud American said:

    Don’t get caught up in what should be necessary dishes. It all depends on your culture, regions of the country and personal preferences.
    Life is too shot to haggle about such things.

  5. lvb2555 said:

    The answer for this is based on perspective. While mine is that you can eat any food you wish on Thanksgiving and it would still be Thanksgiving. If you wanted a traditional Thanksgiving that was closer to what the pilgrims had on their first Thanksgiving celebration, it wouldn’t even closely resemble the foods now chosen as a national holiday staple.

    The source below states what was most probably on the food table for the pilgrims in the origin of the Holiday, as well as surprising things which were not.

    In my own opinion, you can cook everything in an American Thanksgiving – the turkey, and corn on the cob, gravy, mashed potatoes – you name it, but it’s just ‘not’ Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.

    Regardless of that, food doesn’t make the holiday, the people celebrating it do.


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