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What are the most important side dishes for a Thanksgiving meal?

I have a very small kitchen, but I want to make Thanksgiving dinner this year, for the first time. Which side dishes should I make? There will be 3 adults and 2 kids. Thanks!

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32 Responses to “What are the most important side dishes for a Thanksgiving meal?”

  1. Sing in Silence said:

    Mashed potatoes, corn, yams and sweet potatoes, stuffing, etc.

  2. Pink said:

    candied sweet potatoes.

  3. ♥ Steph ♥ said:

    Mashed potatoes and gravy!! Corn!!! Ya, Sweet potatoes Also, stuffing is really good. But there are even more too just can’t think of them. Make sure you have the turkey!! :] Hope this helps you!! Good luck!! ♥♥

  4. LeeAnn W said:

    the things your family likes the most.

    Definitely turkey or ham
    green beans
    potatos of some sort

    I have a small kitchen too so I am throwing carrots, celery, and potatos in the bag with my turkey breast.

    I am going to be making my cream corn and green beans the day before so all I have to do it put it in the microwave!!

  5. Rachael C said:

    1. Mashed Potatoes
    2. Broccoli/cheese casserole
    3. Stuffing/dressing
    4. Turkey!

    Those are my favorites! I’d also include rolls and cranberry sauce – both cheap and easy!

  6. pesky2012 said:

    Stuffing, Mashed potatoes and gravy, some people like Yams, I’m all good with yams.

  7. Lapeka said:

    Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, Apple Sauce, Bread, etc.

    All good =)

  8. in love said:

    mashed potatoes and stuffing!!!!!

    and i love greenbeans too! lol

  9. Mr. Ninja Warrior said:

    I’d say stuffing, green beans, vegatables (steamed), fruit, sometimes even rice. Use your imagination.

  10. maizee_713 said:

    yams stuffing and cranberry sauce…yummy

  11. becca311 said:

    mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, dressing/stuffing, pumpkin pie
    you should check out, they have great & simple recipes

  12. jnt667 said:

    stuffing,mashed potatoes,cranberries,green beans

  13. <333333333 said:

    sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, some sort of casserole and of course STUFFING! and gravy too :]

    <3 so excited. i can just smell it.

  14. bella said:

    mash potatoes, mac n cheese, and sweet corn. They’re all quick and easy to make.

  15. lovesongangel said:

    mashed potaoes
    cranberry sauce use the can stuff so much easier
    green bean cassarole
    and some kind of other veggie like creamed spinach or corn
    plus some pies too

  16. nicole_cutie23 said:

    cranberry sauce, stuffing, rolls, mashed potatoes,corn, pumpkin pie,pecan pie

  17. Jennifer said:

    Dressing as I call or it or stuffing is a must! Mashed potatoes are good with it and gravy!! And then add a veggie that your family likes. Then there is the all important PUMPKIN PIE!!! 🙂

  18. Carol T said:

    Stuffing is a must. Mashed potatoes w/ gravey. Corn or Broccoli (or any fav veggie). Sweet potatoes. Biscuits or rolls.

  19. worldinspector said:

    2. Real Mashed Potatoes
    3. Greek Stuffing Peleponyses (sp?)
    4. A green vegetable
    5 . . . and I almost forgot — HOW COULD I???!!! — Pumpkin Pie!

  20. jon mah said:

    stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, country potatoes, vegetables, biscuits, jello, etc

  21. Tamara said:

    Mashed potatoes, home made noodles, cranberry, sweat potatoes, salad, rolls, and stuffing are the one’s that come to mind first. Good luck…I’m sure you will do fine!

  22. Candace C said:

    Cornbread Dressing, Sweet potatoe casserole, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and candied carrots!! And please don’t forget the cranberry sauce!

  23. gothic_princess70 said:

    mashed potatoes an gravy,stuffing,crandberry sauce,corn, green beans, yams,green bean casirol,

  24. Dawn C said:

    Mashed potatoes are always good… Green bean casserole is quick and you can even microwave it until really hot in the dish. Put the fried onions on top and put in the hot oven for like 5 minutes. then they think you have cooked everything from scratch. We always make a veggie/relish tray and deviled eggs. They are filling and you can make them up and put them in the fridge up to a day in advance. Corn is always good with the kids. Cranberry sauce. Turkey and Dressing and you are done. You can always make broccoli too for some color. Make sure you have a little cheese sauce for the broccolli if the kids are picky eaters…Happy Thanksgiving!!

  25. kat_lady2 said:

    The turkey ..of course
    mashed potatoes w/ turkey gravy
    winter squash…boiled and lots of butter
    baby peas
    home made rolls
    cranberry sauce
    olives and pickles
    jell-o salad
    pumpkin pie

    EDIT: I would go with a 14 to 18 lb so to have lots of leftover turkey for sandwiches, soup, casserole, etc. etc.

  26. Bob Jones said:

    Everyone loves sweet potatoe casserole (sweet potatoes with browned marshmallows on top), mashed potatoes, ham, gravy, stuffing, tons of stuff you could also make some cranberries but they arent the tastiest things

  27. purplepassion said:


    Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy
    Sweet peas or asparagus
    Stuffing ( I use stove top these days)

    Other stuff

    Cranberry Sauce
    Parkhouse Dinner Rolls
    Vanilla Ice cream would be good for the kids, in case the dessert you are planning is too grown up/rich for them.


  28. Nicole H said:

    WEB RESULTSThanksgiving Side Dish Recipes
    These are recipes for side dishes for your Thanksgiving meal. … Here are my top picks for Thanksgiving must-have side dishes. … – 23k – Cached
    Thanksgiving Recipe and Meal Planning : Turkey Preparation, Stuffing …
    … ready for Thanksgiving? Food Network gives you all the recipes, meal suggestions and preparation instruction, including turkey preparation tips, side dish … – 44k – Cached
    Party Ideas : Thanksgiving : Side Dish Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner …
    … cranberry sauce and other recipes for traditional Thanksgiving side dishes. … Think about color, texture and flavor when planning your Thanksgiving meal. …… – 54k – Cached
    Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes – Recipes for Thanksgiving Side Dishes …
    … and easy recipes for Thanksgiving side dishes to round out your holiday meal. … Recipes for Thanksgiving Side Dishes Vegetables Cranberries Fruits Casseroles … – 22k – Cached
    Gourmet Thanksgiving Side Dishes – Associated Content

  29. oreo8 said:

    Mashed potatoes with vitamin d milk, sweet corn, candy carrots, peas, broccoli and cauliflower, also in a casserole dish, asparagus, dressing, or stove top, gravy , dinner rolls, cheese, cheese ball, summer sausage, cranberry, 7-layered salad, crab dip, spinach dip, oyster dressing, stack cakes, pies, cobblers, what ever you like or you think the kids will.

  30. MissKnowItAll said:

    “Mashing Tatoes” (in case you don’t speak 4 year old that’s mashed potatoes) , and Corn

  31. conniebinkers said:

    Stuffing (best: Mrs. Cubbison’s Stuffin’)
    Candied Yams (use canned to keep the texture consistent)
    Greenbean Casserole (greenbeans, cream of mushroom soup and FRENCH’S Fried Onions to top)
    Mashed Potatoes
    Cranberry Sauce (might as well skip it, no one eats it anyways)

    For recipe ideas I use

  32. Keri said:

    We usually have:
    -green-bean casserole
    -mash potatoes
    -small salad (sometimes)
    – and a type of pie like pumpkin pie or something…….


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