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What are the Christmas Decorations in France?

I am doing a project and need help with a part I need to find out what Christmas Decorations people in France use.

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5 Responses to “What are the Christmas Decorations in France?”

  1. Travis H said:

    Look on the internet!!

  2. brenda4ever said:

    I don’t know, but i think they leave out shoes rather then stockings for peir noel?? to fill

  3. Amber C said:

    Most of what we do in the US has some kind of parallel in France as far as Christmas goes, but there are some things that are more particular or more important there. Some big French Christmas decorations/traditions:

    1. Mistletoe (hung over the doors at Christmas to give people who pass under good luck for the coming year)
    2. Candles, especially around nativities, in windows, and around pictures of Mary
    3. Sapin de Noël – Christmas trees (decorated with apples, candles, paper flowers, and ribbons)
    4. Créche – or Christmas crib (nativity scene) filled with santons, very particular little traditional figures aside from the ones in the US – for example, not just the Wise Men and shepherds, but a homeless man, a pig man, a baker, etc.

  4. quietgiant said:

    white flags

  5. monaye owens said:

    wow wat is this


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