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What are some simple ideas for Christmas gifts?

This year I’ve decided to make gifts, instead of buying them for my friends (ages 17).

I was thinking of possibly baking something if I find the time, what else could I do for Christmas gifts either than baking? Should I do a mini basket? I don’t want to spend too much money though.

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8 Responses to “What are some simple ideas for Christmas gifts?”

  1. Em W said:

    a jar of cookies r good, homemade ornaments, candles 🙂

  2. Nicole ! said:

    you can make thigns such as…
    scrap books.
    photo albums.
    picture frames.
    paint flower pots.
    (you can decorate all thes thigns in ways to make them relate to the person)
    I guess it depends on there interests ,

  3. ♥abercrombie cutie♥ said:

    Go to a dollar store or 5 Below if you have one nearby, and find sets of lotions/body wash/nail polish/lip gloss, etc. Give everybody one of those and also include a candy cane. I did this last year, and my friends loved it! Plus, it costed only about $20!
    Hope this helpd! Merry Christmas!

  4. Chula said:

    Make a comfort basket. For instance, include a pair of fleece socks, bedroom slippers, a soft small pillow, a blanket and a book they might enjoy reading. : )

  5. Mrs. Claus said:

    Tell them to believe in Santa! Christmas would be present-less without my husband, Santa! 🙂

  6. Rich B said:

    How about sending some personalised jewelry. A gift that’s both unique and inexpensive.

  7. Irvin Gloeckler said:

    Which was sort of inspiring! Completely unforeseen. Now I know what I am going to perform tomorrow

  8. Talia Bartosiewicz said:

    Nice first part!

    There’s some of the stuff I don’t agree with, but I’m totally biased (being an Umbraco fan boy and everything) 😛
    I’ll comment on this once all the parts are posted.

    One thing though: It seems like Sitecore is trying hard to be/include more that one thing: Being a CMS, Marketing Platform and Analytics package. Umbraco will never do this (according to the founder), but only do one thing (good): Being a CMS and a content framework.

    So with these two totally different approaches, one will always have more stuff/features than the other. And in my experience, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

    But keep up the good work! Looking very much forward to the next parts, hoping they are equally well written


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