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What are some of your New Year traditions?

I put it in this category because there are more people who answer questions in here.

I need ideas on things to do on New Years Eve and I was wondering what other people do and the traditions they have. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome. Thanks for your time and help. Happy New Year!

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3 Responses to “What are some of your New Year traditions?”

  1. ♥ღprincess kate♥ღ said :

    Party,watch movies,watch the mtv countdown,make new years cards for your friends,do a new years kiss with your bf/gf,dance with friends and just have fun and party!

  2. Wana said :

    we eat black eyed peas, idk y -its just a tradition

  3. k.j. said :

    i usually go out with friends but I cant this year… I got sick yesterday so I’m stuck watching my childhood tradition: Dick Clark


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