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What are some ideas for relatively inexpensive gifts to put on my Christmas list?

I have all sorts of family asking me to put together a list of ideas for Christmas gifts. I’m newly married and don’t need much, but what would be some fun ideas to add to my list? (I’m a 24 yr old female)

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6 Responses to “What are some ideas for relatively inexpensive gifts to put on my Christmas list?”

  1. cheerpinkelena said:

    a nice diamond neck less would be good to add

  2. katie said:

    Wine, soaps, towels, slippers, home baking, stationery set…… name a few. Also, condoms, hair barretts, etc.-

  3. Deborah R said:

    Kitchen dishes, utensils, gadgets, glasses (wine, Margareta), towels, are always use full

  4. amanda said:

    You can go to websites like or to get some ideas, but books, hair accessories, posters, stuff like that is usually inexpensive. If you shop at dollar stores you can usually find cool collectibles at low prices.

  5. BitchBox said:

    How about a certificate to a hair or Nail saloon

    Lets see…

    Um how about a bottle of perfume?

    HOw about a book well if you read

  6. ib2pikee said:

    I done a list of things that I never take time to pick up for myself.Some of my list was a new glass pitcher, shower curtain,dish towels,wash cloths,and new answering machine.May not sound like a good list, but I could use all that was on it.(gave my girls the list on Thanksgiving)


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