What are some good Halloween Decorating Ideas and tips when your on a budget?

I am 12 and i LOVE halloween. i like to do things scary. do not underestimate me, i did the halloween decoration last year, and we got a lot of complements!! i need some SCARY ideas and tips and special effects ideas and tips. please help.

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3 Responses to “What are some good Halloween Decorating Ideas and tips when your on a budget?”

  1. Apple Blossom said:

    Well I love all things horror as well. And I do all the decorating on a budget. Things I love to make are ghost-wooden stakes with pumpkin heads put sheets on them and tie them, together or seperate. I also use the tall wooden stakes and put fake heads or skulls on them…bloodied up of course.

    Lots of eerie lighting, black lights, green…spooky and dark.

    I’m made a witch 7ft tall with pvc pipe…on a stand with a weighted bottom and wrapped chicken wire around the body and dressed it up, got a scary witch mask and gloves…very cool. Put a cauldron in front of her too.

    I think homemade dummies are the best. I’ve made a Michael Myers in my front window looking out from a wooden T with stand, out of 2x4s and put a blue mechanic coveralls on him and a mask, knife, and put a strobe light facing him…very cool.

    Also made a mad scientist and lab…fake body parts…glow in the dark stuff with paint…vases full of scary stuff and put a black light on it all.

    I’ve also made a scarecrow standing on a huge pvc pipe, spraypainted and stuck in the ground.

    My husband made me a coffin for the front yard out of wood and I painted it and stuck a dummie inside.

    Tombstones out of foam, painted and stuck in the ground with metal stakes.

    Hope that gives ya some ideas….have fun!

  2. dougeebear said:

    It all depends on how big a budget we’re talking about. Even someone spending $3 Million is on a budget, just a big one.

    I’ve linked two of my favorite Halloween prop sites. LOTS of ideas and projects to do, some more expensive than others. There are also email groups like the Halloween-L list where people share tips and ideas.

  3. Jayne said:

    I think crafty type decorations are fun, using cheap frames and computer printed b&w photos and poking glowing christmas lights through the eyes is cool looking. Or making spider webs inside balloons with high-float!


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