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What are some drinks that are a part of the Chinese New Year celebration?

I need to make a menu for my Foods class of typical Chinese New Year foods and all I cant think up is Tea for the Drinks section. Anything else?

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5 Responses to “What are some drinks that are a part of the Chinese New Year celebration?”

  1. Jake S said:

    Why don’t you try a variety of different teas…green tea, jasmine tea, oolong tea.

    Also try ginseng drinks.

    Also many Chinese-Americans like some sort of strange tapioca drink. If you have a chinese grocery in your town, go check out the drinks aisle, or look online for Chinese groceries in english.

  2. Lynda said:

    Scotch for the adults (usually men) and chilled orange soda or 7-up or hot tea for non-drinkers.

    That’s what we usually have on a banquet table here in America.

  3. cittarosa said:

    There are many different kinds of tea you could serve. Tea is a basic traditional Chinese drink. The only other Chinese drink I can think of is mi jiu, or rice wine. It’s more of a dessert because it is sweet.

  4. bzpple said:

    Many Chinese like to have the sweet dried longan+red date tea, as the sweetness is symbolic to a good start for the new year. Just boil some dried red dates and dried logans in water, add some sugar (preferably rock sugar). Adjust the sweetness according to your taste.

  5. cmui1978 said:

    You can make the Taiwanese Pearl Bubble Tea…
    It’s a popular drink in Chinese restaurant, but not really have any particular meaning with Chinese New Year.


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