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What are some creative halloween costumes that you could make at home?

Everyone in my high school dresses up so well and creatively, and I’ve been trying hard to think of some costumes for this year. I mean, if you buy costumes for halloween, it’s not that fun. I want to have a blast while making a costume and going to school that day.
For example, one of my friends last year was a washing machine.

10 points to best answer! I appreciate all your consideration and thoughtfulness. Thanks.

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7 Responses to “What are some creative halloween costumes that you could make at home?”

  1. Adog68 said:

    A few years ago, a friend of mine went dressed up as “Hose man”. Where he wrapped a garden hose around himself and wore a green t-shirt and shorts, and painted his face green. He had little stickers made up that said “You got HOSED by the hose man!” in green letters.

    Before that there was a guy that stapled little plastic bats all over his sweatshirt – and when he was asked “What are you?” he replied “I’m batman.”. It was brilliantly funny – but extremely cheesy.

  2. Wilma Duckie Deene said:

    I Pod (use cardboard box)
    Outhouse (again, cardboard box – and a roll of tp on the side)
    Spider (sweats with stuffed tights sewn onto the side)
    Bag of jelly beans (clear kitchen size trash bag with holes for arms, legs, head and filled with balloons)
    My personal favorites that we did for my daughter was – the night sky (dark blue/black dress or sweats with tons of glow in the dark stars glued on with hot glue) and Mrs. Noah we made an Ark out of a stroller and filled it with beanie babies. She pushed it and wore a simple dress.

    Here are some links for ideas – some are for younger kids, but may inspire you . . .

    Good luck!

  3. poettree said:

    Here are some ideas. These costumes could apply to any age group:

  4. Kat T said:

    Wrap yourself in foil… you are a baked potato!

    Attach a box around your body painted up to look like a jack in the box toy… you can be a scary, undead jack in the box! (Spooky!)

    Attach a bunch of little white balloons to yourself and put on a shower cap… you are a bubble bath. (Add a rubber ducky… cute… but I bet other people will be popping your bubbles left and right…)

    Go as a remote control… once again, others will definitely be pushing your buttons.

    Dress all in black and make your face black too… you are but a shadow of your former self.

    Hairspray your hair straight up, wear a solid color outfit and stick all kinds of stuff to your clothes… you are static cling.

    Go as a cereal killer? Get a few cereal boxes (or just one), make it/them bloody looking and take a plastic knife.

    Also, consider what your interests are… if you are an artist, go as a a famous statue or work of art (carry a frame around and be a Picasso… that should be fun…), or if you are into music, go as a CD or sheet music or even a favorite composer, if you are an athelete, go as a swimmer with lots of gel in your hair and goggles, etc. 😀

    I hope you find something easy and fun to wear… have a great time!

  5. Horsin_round said:

    Two possibilities I have thought up:

    Go as a lawn! Green pants, green shirt, paint your face green, and put that pink flamingo beanie baby on your shoulder.

    Go as a Hersey kiss! (Depending where you live, you could wear a mini skirt with or without leggings underneath) Cover your mini skirt with tin foil, wear a silver or gray shirt, and wear a silver or gray headband, an attach a piece of paper saying Hersey Kiss.

    Hope that strikes some creativity within you 🙂

  6. Lauren said:

    making at home like out of your own clothes or like out of fabric?
    you could be football players, even though that one is really popular. i was wednesday from the adams family one year.. i woree a black dress over a white polo shirt.. it was a theme but i was the only one to make it from homee.. my friend was a smurf one year.. a baby (PJs and then buy a baby’s binky) ballerina…

  7. michele_baybeex3 said:

    be a bag of jellly beans !
    you wear a colored shirt & jeans.
    cut out holes for your feet head & arms in a giant clear garbage bag & fill them with different sized & colored ballloons.

    be a movie theatre floor.
    wear all black & stick gum, wrappers, popcorn, straws, candy, & papers, & ticket stubs too your clothes.

    havee fun!


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