What are some christmas Ideas to help those unfortunate that my church can sponsor?

I am seeking Ideas for a christmas project to help needy families, including meals, and toys for my church to sponsor.

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9 Responses to “What are some christmas Ideas to help those unfortunate that my church can sponsor?”

  1. JuglingSuns said:

    Canned food drive
    Coat/Clothe Drive
    Recycle Drive
    Fundraisers, Bake Sales, ETC ETC ETC
    get creative, whatever helps.

    I am atheist by the way, these are things I try to do on a regular basis. Church isn’t neccessary to do these things but it’s a good medium.

  2. blackmule said:

    maybe have a concert in the church and take a special offering.
    also, have a special offering every sunday just for that cause. good luck to you.

  3. seantherunner said:

    Maybe get them some gas cards to help them get back and fourth to work. The price has come down but everything is expensive when your poor.

  4. angel eye said:

    i agree with every one above like if u earn some money put it away some where and when u get some money go out and shop for them, buy food, toy blanket, ect every little thing helps get people around ur town, put up posters, or take to the school bored and see if the next consert they have if they send notes home for it, get creative take some time to think about it have family that dont live in the same town do it as well ya no try every thing and if that does not work email me at [email protected] ok i wish u luck to this

  5. drampor said:

    Hmmmm, I’ve got it! Sponsor me to come to America and lead a service on Christmas day, just like in a Dickens Novel. I’ll have a revelation right there in front of the whole congregation and everyone will go home feeling just great! Oh hang on, I’m booked that day already; sorry about that. I know! You and members of Your church could dress up as wise men and for that matter wise women and give out the goodies to the needy families!! Oh, that would be fun, and some one could film it as You do Your thing to help promote next years effort!!

  6. deb s said:

    Hi, my kids are grown now but when they were little i was a single mom,very little money or family..yikes thats still the same lol…but anyway (this is one of the best things that ever happened to me in my life).I get a knock on the door and it was two ladies from a real estate co,and they said hi we are so and so from so and so and we have adopted you and your sons for christmas,I was in shock i dident know these people ,someone (still dont know who) gave them my name and situation,said instead of doing a bunch of little things we wanted to adopt a family for christmas and your it..well i was in shock,do you know they brought us a tree,decorations,even a tree topper,presents for my sons ,the tags were blank because they wanted them to be from me to my kids,they filled my house with food and ready for this gave me a k mart gift certificate so i could get my sons some stuff my kids were in school when they did this and when they came home they thought santa was there,..(and he was ) but do you think that was it they came back with some gifts for me ,said they wanted me to have christmas too(like they dident already ) but that made me feel so good,i had presents and everything..I will never forget what these strangers did for me (their whole office put money in a pot so they could do this for a family) and am so thankfull it was us .that was about 18-20 years ago and wow still warms my heart and makes me cry every christmas when i say a quite thank you to them in my heart….. So i hope you choose to do this, and please there are so many fibbers out there please make sure it is a family that really needs you ok……And you know what was so cool they never asked me for nothing ,not you need to do this or that or you need to attend this or that it really was from their heart….So please dont put any conditions on it I know you wont or you wouldent be here asking..Have a great holiday to you and yours…Thanks for listening …Bye Debra

  7. walterknowsall said:

    adopt a family [ each member adopts a family and helps them with food, kids gift and etc…

    gather food and give out to poor families….

  8. HereweGO said:

    My church has a giving tree. It has ornaments on it that we can take home decorate and donate the item listed. Some are for food, money, clothing and toys. Each ornament has the name of a person and/or family in need and what items would best be suited for them. God Bless!

  9. syam said:

    hi,iam syam iam a pastr,iam doing ministry of God among the ideal worship people.we are planing to do xmas but we r so poor, we need sponsar to help us to do xmas,plz mail [email protected]


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