What are appropriate , reasonably priced Christmas gifts for 9 and 12 year old girls?

I have a really small budget but they are the children of my really good friend and I’d like to get them something at Christmas. Any ideas for gifts costing $20 or less? As always, I ask for serious, polite and constructive responses only. NO point gaming , advertising or attacks of any kind. Thank you.

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18 Responses to “What are appropriate , reasonably priced Christmas gifts for 9 and 12 year old girls?”

  1. Paula A said:

    Gift certificates are great. My kids love to get them and they come in handy for trips to the mall for all the Christmas sales when my budget is stretched.

    Another great gift is movie tickets, or DVD’s. If you live near a party store, they usually sell inexpensive popcorn containers and you can add candy with your tickets or microwave popcorn with your DVD’s.

    I am sure they will appreciate anything you want to give them though.

  2. xsp0iledo93 said:

    I’m 14 but maybe I can help.
    For the 9 year old how about a Bratz doll? I always liked playing with those. They run from about 15-20$. Or something Hannah Montana like her new Cd.

    For the 12 year old what about some jewelry or a movie? I was picky at this age so maybe a GiftCard to the mall, or an Itunes giftcard if she has an Ipod.

    If you really aren’t sure what to get them, just get them a Giftcard to the mall, I always loved getting that.

  3. the countess said:

    i actually think that $20 is a lot of money.
    by spending expensive it puts your friends under pressure to give back to that amount and youll all end up in a lot of debt.
    talk together with your friend and both of you take the families for a day out to the cinema for a treat for xmas . im sure they would rather spend the time with you all
    make it a xmas tradition

  4. ~pink~ said:

    go to ross or marshalls they have nice name brand toys for reasonable prices….

  5. Afro_Diggy_Act said:

    maby you could go to the payless store (where i bought my pretty shoes) and buy some shoes…most of them are less than 20 each…or when i was that age i tended to lean towards things that smelled really good…like matching perfume with lotion and or bodywash..like maby at victoria secrets…? or some other places…

  6. Florence P said:

    Any kind of Bratz dolls or paperdolls….hair accessories…barbie dolls, Hannah Montana anything…..magazines for early teens, any kind of perfumes, make-ups and finger-nail polishes. purses and clothes for their age. Anything “girlie” will work because they are called “Tweens” the age between kid and teen. Good-Luck

  7. Kayla™ said:

    An age appropriate DVD

    Gift cards are good but impersonal

    Clothing still age appropriate

    Slippers Cute slippers

    body lotions shower gel gift packs

    Have fun and be creative.

  8. velvetca1972 said:

    There are all these kits where they can make their own jewelry, beads etc, girls of this age are just getting into jewelry and girly things, and they need things to keep their hands busy! They are old enough for the small parts, and the price should be right in your range, also if mom & dad are ok with it play make up is great, they can practice the art with cheap easy to clean up kids make up. Good luck.

  9. bubbles said:

    I just got a 9 year old a barbie style head for 14.99 and then had ones for 9.99 on sale at toys r us. They are normally $25-30.

    For the 12 year old- hit Marshall’s- there is a ton of juicy couture tee shirts out on the clearance stores- they must have made too many last year. But the kid’s still love them.
    I just saw a cute one that said Nice Girls are Juicy in hot pink for $14.99- would have bought it, if it was my size. Stuff in in the woman’s- try smalls and mediums.

  10. sarahz said:

    I like to give books. stop at a used book store and you can pick up way more than at the regular bookstore. kids need to read more books rather than watch TV or play video games. maybe a gift card to the used book store so they can pick out their own!
    or you can print out a coupon to take them roller skating or ice skating and pizza after wards, nice gift for the mom too to get the kids out of the house for a bit!

  11. swddrb said:

    they are at an age were what they want today won’t be what they want tomorrow
    with that said why not get them gift cards for walmart or some place like that
    the day after Christmas everything goes on sale as much as 50 to 75 % off they can get a lot of stuff and have fun shopping most girls their age would really like that
    maybe even take them your self

  12. J. C said:

    How about a Dance Dance Revolution? Both girls can share it and is a perfect gift for a 9 and a 12 year old. Buy the one that connects directly to the television.

  13. kimpenn09 said:

    Klutz shrink art jewelry book, or other jewelry-making kit

    Ugly dolls

    A cute throw pillow for each of their rooms.

    A Performance Fleece top/jacket from Old Navy–they have really cute ones.

    A gift card to Target, Walmart, Old Navy–anywhere a little bit of money goes a long way–you can get away with $15 a piece at any of these stores.

    A comfy pair of pajama bottoms with cute slipper socks. (You can even find full pairs of pajamas for about $15–look for sales at the places mentioned above.

  14. Wood Smoke said:

    My Grands love board games!

    Throw-a-way cameras are good too. They can do a lot with that and it makes them feel special to have their own camera, and they take excellent pictures…

    There are cool DVDs of kids shows that are like 3 for 10.00 out there too.

    Also, gift cards to a mall outlet is cool.

  15. kissy face said:

    movie tickets. They have a lot of time off school during holidays and need to get out of the house.

    Give them a little stocking or basket with some hand lotion, gift card for a manicure, and tip money. My sister is 10 and she’s all about a $10 manicure. Some places do kids manicures for less than that.

  16. Sahara said:

    Jewelry from a store like Claire’s, at least for the 12 year old. 9 might be too young. I don’t know.

    Art kit for both girls. (pens, pencils, markers, note pad, pretty stationery, stickers)

    Savings bond

    clothes (if you know their sizes or can find out), pretty top

  17. Lisa F said:

    Webkinz.. its a stuffed animal that you can play on-line…kids love them! the cost is 11-13 bucks… plus you can buy clothes for them….you can get them just about anywhere!

  18. n_icoles said:

    the new elmo toy. I saw it on the today show…….so cute!!!


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