We know thanksgiving sales start at 5-6am. But what is the timelimit for getting best deals?

Well, if I go at 5am i get best deals. But there should be many items available, arent they? So, what is the time limit I can catch those items (clothes, electronics, appliances, furniture, etc)

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  1. vansemmanuel said:

    Clothes—–600am to 730am
    Electronics——–400am to 600am
    Appliances——–The day before Thanksgiving to 800am the day after.
    Furniture———–500am to 600am.

  2. Ashley H said:

    Many stores only have a limited supply of the really good deals. Last year i went to circuit city at 4 am (they opened at 6) and at 5 am they came out and handed out 10 vouchers for each of the major deals, when they were gone that was it! I got a 1600.00 computer for 600.00 though so it was worth it to be up at 4 am in 17* weather.

  3. kim t said:

    Call around at the different stores and see what they are offering. have fun, I’m sleeping in.

  4. cheryl h said:

    Each store is different. Some go to a certain time others go by first come first serve. Usually there is a limited number of items to go around except for the things that you really do not want and no one else does either. Good Luck Happy Thanksgiving

  5. g3menis_f1nest said:

    If you have never been out on Black Friday, then there are a couple of “must knows” to have a successful day of shopping.
    1. sales start at 5am, however, line starts @ 3 or 4am (depending on the store, i.e. walmart, bestbuy)
    2..know what u want, and know where it is located in the store (some stores start to stock the night before. u can see the items but not purchase them)
    3. if u are a shopper like me, take more than u need. There are things on sale that u probaly did not think of, and 9x’s out of 10, you will won’t to buy them all!
    4. GET IN AND GET OUT as quickly as possible. The lines are herendous!
    6. Dress comfortably, wear tennis shoes.
    7. take some tylenol! it’s a fun day, but can also be very stressful.
    8. if u don’t have patience, u might want to stay home and shop online. yes some stores do have online only deals for that day.
    Sales go quick so, the earlier the better. the biggest things are usually gone between 7 and 8am. most black friday deals are leaked to the public (www.bfads.net) so most people already know what to get. if u are near an Ashley’s Furniture, they have nice deals that day too. so with all that said, enjoy, have fun, and BE CAREFUL!!


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