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The TV I purchased from Walmart last week has been marked down $100 for Black Friday. Can I get a refund?

I purchased a 50″ Sanyo Plasma for $698 last Thursday from Walmart. They have now marked down the price to $598 for Black Friday shopping. I am not planning to get up early and stand in line for hours to get the deal, but can I get a refund for the difference?

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12 Responses to “The TV I purchased from Walmart last week has been marked down $100 for Black Friday. Can I get a refund?”

  1. Jean Luc Picard said :

    i would!

  2. Pascaleiro said :

    Laughing out loud 😀

  3. SaraBee said :

    Yeah just take it back and make up an excuse like “I got this as a birthday present, and it’s not the tv I want” or say it’s faulty. Walmart usually doesnt fuss you too much about why you want a refund as long as you have the receipt. Then just go and buy the marked down one. Nothing wrong with that as long as you save your self 100 bucks! 🙂

    Oh, but if you just wanna walk in and ask em to refund you the $100, sorry, dont think that’ll work lol…

  4. lovable_nun said :

    Yup. Just take your receipt in and they’ll price adjust.

    Please know that Walmart only gives 8 days for returns and exchanges on electronics. Figured that out last year when I purchased a mp3 for my niece.

  5. Conservmom said :

    I hope you have your receipt. I would take your tv back and explain to customer service you are going to turn around and repurchase product since it is cheaper now. Maybe they can help you at the return desk instead of waiting in those long lines at check out. If you are friends with the loss prevention personel or a store manager, you could probably get refund without having to bring back tv. Good luck.

  6. Brian said :

    go in to customer service and tell them it will not display anything on the screen but the speakers work(meaning its broken but your not saying the whole thing does) and see if that works. if they try to get you to exchange it tel them you want your money back because this is not the first time one of the products you got from them was faulty. at the very least try to get in store credit like a gift card, wont make back the 100 in cash but can use it on other stuff there.

    hope this helps:).

  7. Larry E said :

    You can take it back but the black friday is for a limited amount of them so you will get your money back and leave with nothing. They aren’t going to give you the difference.

  8. ouch said :

    You’ll have to return your tv and buy a new one.. Did you not think it would be cheaper on black friday?

  9. AL M said :

    No, Because its only for Black Friday, You need to be there at that time to get that price. Then you will be cheating all those who will stand in line to get that deal.

  10. Alisha said :

    Call Walmart and ask them if they would do a price adjustment. If they can’t, you can always re-purchase the item on Black Friday and then return your first one.

  11. TV Tech 1 said :

    Contact Walmart management, see what their policies are about this.

  12. inglesa_loquita said :

    Get down to the sales and purchase a new TV, then return the old one. Or return it first, and then use the same money to buy one of the TVs that are sale.

    Just as a warning, with all of the hoards of crazed shoppers milling around you you may just want to wear nice and comfortable shoes and be prepared to take a couple of elbows in the ribs whilst you’re in the store! You can check here to see if any other store might have the TV at an even lower price –


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