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People who go to black Friday, Do you actually save money?

I’m thinking about going this year, and it will be my First Black Friday. I’m planning on buying a atleast a 32 inch lcd tv, and a laptop. I was wondering for people who went to previous black friday’s did you bought the stuff you wanted and save money, or there was really no price difference, and since you were there you bought it anyways?

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4 Responses to “People who go to black Friday, Do you actually save money?”

  1. said:

    Black Friday is the kick-off to the holiday buying season. Sales that begin on that day usually continue through the holidays (and often get bigger after the holidays), so there really is no price advantage to fighting the crowds.

    Also, Black Friday is primarily an event for brick-and-mortar stores (e.g. Best Buy), not Internet stores (e.g. Amazon). In my experience, the Internet stores beat the brick-an-mortars on prices consistently, Black Friday or not. Though there are benefits to buying in a brick-and-mortar where you can see the product first-hand and return it easily if you have any problems.

  2. Lee said:

    It is sure that it can save a lot ,many stores have crazy sales during black is a good time to go shopping ,a buying season.

  3. intheleast said:

    You can get some really cheap stuff, but it is usually stuff that is really cheaply made.

  4. siffy said:

    I went last year and even though it was crazy, it was worth it.

    I got a GPS navigation system normally worth about $200 for $70.
    Videos games for $10-$20 that would’ve been normally $50!
    And a bunch of household items for way less than they would’ve been.

    Be careful, though! I don’t know where you live or where you plan to shop but last year people who bought things like TVs, laptops, new game systems and such were hurt, robbed, or beaten as soon as they left the store in my area! Bring friends with you so you don’t shop alone, go early, avoid main traffic, strategize parking, do things like that to prepare! Good luck!


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