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New MacBook Pro on Black Friday Deals or WAIT for MacBook Pros with OSX-Snow Leopard?

With Black Friday coming up (day after thnxgiving) and anticipated crazy good deals from apple… Should I buy the New MacBook Pro as it is with regular leopard now and get it for a *maybe good deal during BlackFriday, and just purchase “Snow Leopard” when it releases – or Wait for after the upcoming MacWorld in Jan ’09 and the Release of New-er MacBook Pros with “Snow Leopard” installed in Q1?

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4 Responses to “New MacBook Pro on Black Friday Deals or WAIT for MacBook Pros with OSX-Snow Leopard?”

  1. Nathan E said:

    If you need a computer now, get it now. If you don’t need one now, wait. There will always be something newer around the next corner. If you constantly play the waiting game, you’ll never get anywhere. This is true for any technology.

    My suggestion, get it now. Then buy Snow Leopard separately when it comes out.

  2. fjpoblam said:

    Get one with the good $$$ deal then upgrade the SOFTWARE to Snow Leopard later, and have the best of both worlds. The hardware likely won’t change that much so far as I’ve been able to tell, and believe me, I’ve been reading every dadgumbed rss feed there is.

  3. Dr. Snake said:

    Unless Apple pulls a fast-one, Snow Leopard is supposedly going to be rather uneventful. It’s focusing on under-the-hood changes that mainly affect developers and people running the OS on crappy hardware. I don’t think Snow Leopard is anything to wait for.

    I really hope Apple releases a really solid 10.7 after Snow Leopard to compete with Windows 7…because as it stands now, Leopard/SnowLeopard is not able to compete with the latest build of Windows 7. At all. I’ve been sending Apple emails and physical letters with the features/changes that need to be implemented…including TV Tuner Card integration in FrontRow, a calling service in iChat, an iSync that doesn’t tell you to buy additional $40 software to enable Palm OS Syncing, modified top-of-window buttons, etc etc. Of course they never respond. Everything you send to Apple goes straight into the digital furnace.

  4. James B said:

    buy it now. as its name suggests, snow leopard isn’t that different from leopard. Also, the macbooks were just renovated, so they wont have that big of a change. maybe a bigger hard drive. and its always fun to buy on black friday. even if something phenomenal comes out in january, it’ll be riddled with bugs.


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