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My uncle is a vegetarian and is coming for Thanksgiving. Appetizer ideas?

I am in charge of making the appetizers on Thanksgiving, and my uncle does not eat red meat. I was going to make stuffed mushrooms, and scallops and bacon, but I wanted to make a vegetarian dish for him. Any good ideas?
In answer to VeggieTart, he does not eat red meat, and is not a vegetarian. I knew there was a difference:), But I just thought the question would get more attention in the Vegetarian category if it said vegetarian.

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8 Responses to “My uncle is a vegetarian and is coming for Thanksgiving. Appetizer ideas?”

  1. Rosemary B said:

    Vegetarian lasagna

  2. Phillipaco said:

    I think you’re on the mark with the stuffed mushrooms. You could also try “Little shoes” which are stuffed melitsana, or kolokithokeftedes, (courgette balls)

  3. janel * said:

    veggie lasagna or egg plant lasagna

  4. Cinder Fella said:

    Crustini lightly toasted with smoked cheese and branston pickle

    asparagus spears sauteed in butter

    deviled eggs

    there are also lots of meat alternative products on the market that may save you a lot of prep time

    Stuffed peppers,

    or stuffed Portabello mushrooms are divine! as well

  5. La Vie Boheme said:

    Vegetarian stuffed mushrooms. There are many recipes for those online.

  6. VeggieTart -- Praise Seitan! said:

    Is he vegetarian or does he just not eat red meat? There is a difference. Stuffed mushrooms should be good–there’s a fantastic recipe in “Garden of Vegan” that uses minced zucchini and carrots. You could do a raw veggie tray with hummus and salsa–it’s vegan, but even die-hard carnists like veggies and dip. There are vegetarian onion soup mixes (read the labels, some have meat), and you can mix that with sour cream for a dip.

  7. groovy shoes said:

    A great healthy snack is apples and spread. Make the dip by mixing peanut butter,whipped cream cheese, honey, and cinnamon together in a way that tastes yummy to you. You can make it ahead of time and store it in your fridge.

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