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Is it still safe to eat pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving?

I noticed i still have the pumpkin pie in the fridge from Thanksgiving day. Is it still safe to eat? How long does pumpkin pie usually last for?

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10 Responses to “Is it still safe to eat pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving?”

  1. Jennifer L said:

    Toss it, may have mold spores in it, way too late to eat it now.

  2. Linda S said:

    was this pie in the frozen? if not toss it my mom has a great rule after big party’s we freeze half of the items that are left over. then we take them out little by little to munch on an they last 1-2 months note cookies cakes have baking soda in them an they absorb Oder’s in the freezer so u want to wrap them good an not leave them in to long

  3. scottr9 said:

    Yes, as long as its been kept in the fridge and doesn’t have anything growing on it, it will be perfectly safe to eat. In fact, if you don’t eat it, I’ll have to come over to your house and eat it for you.

  4. Rhea B said:

    YUCK! No, don’t eat it. it’s been made with milk and eggs.They could go bad, or the pie could be moldy . Use the 3 day rule for all leftovers. after 3 days it’s garbage

  5. heart o' gold said:

    I wouldn’t eat it.
    But my dog would! Not that I’m comparing you to my dog…
    Er…I’ll shut up now.

    Pie’s good for about a week.

  6. Eboni K said:

    Yea..That The Stuff Right there..

  7. TMW said:


  8. michelob86 said:

    I eat my last piece tonight. It was OK.

    If there is mold, or it’s runny, I wouldn’t eat it. Otherwise, enjoy.

  9. maryamok_haris said:


    that’s amazing!!!
    you had ever a pie from thanksgiving?
    is there anyone wanna eat that pie before?

    i hope you don’t feel stomachache ………….:)

  10. Lisa H said:

    Best rule of thumb to live by for left-overs :



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