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Is it me or does Christmas season start earlier every year?

I saw a commercial saying that you can start your Christmas shopping right now, This usually means more will start popping out of the blue with their annoying little variations of jingle bells,etc etc. Also I noticed right after Halloween Christmas sales were starting to go up in some stores.

When do you think is the proper time for Christmas commercials to be shown?

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15 Responses to “Is it me or does Christmas season start earlier every year?”

  1. Michael. said :

    I guess they want to take avdantage earlier and whore christmas out even more. What’s christmas about again? some guy being born? oh that’s right we get presents…who gives a sh*t who was born lol. It’s an excuse for money.

  2. x- Shirine -x said :

    Tell me about it!

  3. Chronix~Lover~Returns said :

    Yeah it seems like every year just flies by faster and faster…. weird : )

  4. Am I Pretty? said :

    It’s really early this year since the economy is so bad.
    They should advertise after halloween, but they need to make the sales.

  5. ★ ☆ My President is Black★ ☆ ★ said :


    Christmas is all year for me


  6. Entertainment said :

    I know it started early for me this year.

  7. Airee said :

    A good time for Christmas commercials is after the first week in December.

    Like seriously people, calm down, Christmas wont come any earlier or later.

  8. helga from Ukraine said :

    Yeah, it started in September where I live!

  9. sophie said :

    I know!, I work partime at a supermarket and we have put up all christmas decorations and other festive stuff like a week ago! so annoying.
    It’s almost as bad as; soon as you go on school holiday they bring out ‘back to school’ stock.

  10. Zhanna. ヅ said :

    Yes, it’s wonderful.

  11. Mark said :

    It’s weird seeing Christmas things in stores after Oct. 31st lol.

  12. missd302 said :

    Yes – my town has had the decorations up over main street for like a week already. It is very annoying. I feel like I am behind already even though it’s still 2 weeks til thanksgiving. Maybe I will boycott this year.

  13. John08 said :

    pretty soon there wont be any preparations for halloween like yesterday i was baby sitting and watching tv and there was 5 commercials in a row about christmas

  14. Anti-Hero has a monster said :

    these commercials should be shown right after christmas!

  15. jenna said :

    I KNOW! I think they just want your money the ones about buying
    stuff anyways. I think dec.1 is the right time : )
    wait for the commercials about selling crap I say the tenth.


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