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Is is necessary to send thank you cards for christmas gifts?

I grew up religious, and we did not celebrate any holidays. I am now married, no longer religious, and we celebrate the holidays with my husbands family and our son of corse. Growing up, my mother also pushed thank you cards, so I am used to sending cards out for everything. At christmas time, our son gets so many things, it is hard to keep straight who gave him what. Is it customary to keep track of things to send everyone out a thank you card for christmas gifts?

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9 Responses to “Is is necessary to send thank you cards for christmas gifts?”

  1. Lynn said:

    Personally, no I do not feel it is necessary. I have never been given thank you cards for gifts I have given during Christmas. Any other time and I would say yes.

  2. ihaveasexyhusband said:

    Yes I’m afraid it is.

    If you are not able to keep a list of who gave him what, I suggest that you write a generic thank you letter / card or better still, get him to draw a picture (a scribble is ok if he’s young) and write Thank You for my Christmas Present in side then sign his name.

    This is fine and will last for a few years but by then you should have the “writing down the names and presents as he’s opening them” perfectly.


  3. queenie said:

    I never have sent thank you cards because usually I’m with the person at the time a gift is given and I say thank you at that time. I would suggest if you received it by mail a call or card would be appreciated much.

  4. Loligrl27 said:

    I dont think you have to. You can just call that person and tell him/her thank you. Or maybe, if you have “facebook” even from there’ you can write “thank you” to your status and everybody can see that. 🙂

  5. Sarah said:

    I only send thank you cards if the gift was sent by a relative we don’t see over the holidays.

  6. In Michigan said:

    I don’t that its necessary to do that, sometimes a phone call if possible just to say thanks for the gifts, but no thank you cards 🙂

  7. cunnysmythe said:

    Not necessary at all, or even customary.

    But it’s nice, and a thoughtful thing to do. People will like you for it. If you’re going to do it in future, you might want to write the gifts down as they’re opened.

    That said, I don’t do it.

  8. Jay M said:

    Personally, I like to send some sort of thanks either by email, card, facebook, phone call, text message, whatever if I wasn’t with the person when I opened the gift. Just this year, my uncle had a card and money for me this year, but I was unable to see him over the holidays due to plans with my gf’s family. It was given to my parents to give to me. Upon receiving it, I made sure to send him a ‘thank you’ email acknowledging that I had received the gift and it was appreciated. I don’t think a hand written card is necessary. As long as you find some way to thank the person.

  9. needlemice said:

    You should send a thank you card to everyone who sent a gift. Gifts recieved in person do not require a card.
    But it’s nice for a gift recieved in the mail, because number one, it lets the person know the gift got there okay, and number two, its just polite.

    My grandma has pretty much stopped sending gifts to my cousin because she never wrote a thank-you card.

    Sending thank you cards also teaches your son to be grateful and not just expect gifts all the time.


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