Is anybody else having an untraditional Thanksgiving meal?

My sister lives in Long Island and wanted to come to Thanksgiving back at our family’s house with her boyfriend. The thing is, she wanted the meal ready by 12PM because afterwards she’s going to her boyfriend’s parents house. So now we decided to all go out to eat instead of cooking and half of us are planning on just having burgers, lol. Anybody else having an untraditional Thanksgiving meal this year?

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7 Responses to “Is anybody else having an untraditional Thanksgiving meal?”

  1. Sasha said:

    Haha, I did that last year. it was kinda fun not doing what everyone else was doing, but I missed the stuffing =D

  2. ablex said:

    I used to do prime rib instead of turkey.
    This year I’ll probably just get a pizza because it’s just me; kids are going to their dad’s.

  3. Old Man fron Scene 24 said:

    For Thanksgiving, I usually try to eat only food from sources that were in the Americas before Columbus arrived. Luckily, that includes turkey, pumpkins, cranberries, and most of the “traditional” Thanksgiving foods.

    I’m taking a casserole made from cattail shoots (the plant, not the pet). I’m going to let people think it is asparagus until they ask.

  4. The Godfather said:

    No, I love the traditional stuff!

  5. Scotty said:

    yesss…im cookin up filet mignons for thanksgiving dinner. way better than turkey.

  6. MSB said:

    We went out to eat for T-day once, but I ordered the turkey dinner anyway, heh heh. I love my Thanksgiving.

    But honestly, I have had other untraditional holidays. I think the most important thing is to not stress it, embrace it and have fun with it– it is always memorable, one that gets told year after year.

  7. camille said:

    When I was little, we had crown roast when my mother thought the company was important enough. She’d fashion these little paper pantaloons to cover the tips!


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