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Is a money tree a good gift for the chinese New year?

I work at a CPA firm. Our biggest client is a chinese company, we would like to show them our appriciation by getting them a gift. Is a money tree a good gift? Or bonsai better? Is it a traditional gift for the chinese new year?

Any other suggestions?

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4 Responses to “Is a money tree a good gift for the chinese New year?”

  1. CrG said :


  2. Pauline S said :

    I lived in Hong Kong for two years (under British rule) and the Chinese were the first to have Bonsai (some think the Japanese, not so )

    If they are a client of yours I would imagine money is not the thing to do.

    Get them a Bonsai

  3. Butterfly Lover said :

    What a thoughtful idea. The bonsai is a better choice, I think. Here is a site where you may get other ideas:

  4. dragonboi1628 said :

    Do not give them a bonsai. Bonsai needs to be carefully maintained and if your clients are busy people, who is going to maintain it for them? Bonsai are actually not indoor plants, they need sunlight and should only be brought indoors about once a week. Since the roots of a Bonsai are usually exposed or close to the surface, they need to be always kept moist. When giving a gift, especially a plant such as a Bonsai, you also need to keep in mind the maintance of the plant.

    A money tree is a great options. Money trees only need to be water once a week and does not require direct sunlight. This means it can go anywhere in the office. Get a nice money tree that is braided, usually five trees entertwined together.

    However, if you want to give a “traditional” gift, food is always a good option. Buy them a nice box of chocolate, cookies, or other tasty treats with some oranges or tangerines (oranges and tangerines are considered good luck) for their office staff would be much appreciated. Oh, you can also throw in some good tea too. Or better yet, give them a gift baskets of fruits or other nice treats.

    Good luck and Happy New Year.


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