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How to cheapily make my christmas tree gorgeous?

I really want my christmas tree to be gorgeous, but i have no idea how to cheapily decorate it! It’s a fake 10ft green christmas tree with lights on it, how should i style it?

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7 Responses to “How to cheapily make my christmas tree gorgeous?”

  1. prometheus_th3_l3g3nd said:


  2. Nikki L said:

    tinsil and a lot of ortaments. on my tree, we get an ortament every year, like a volleyball one because of my 1st year of volleyball, and things like that. so ppl mostly look at the different ortaments.

  3. klm105 said:

    My sisters and I made bunchs of christmas ornaments before Christmas and, you could get some lights for the tree. Another fun way we celebrated was, each year, santa gave us a christmas ornament with our whole family on it, pretty soon, we had BUNCHS of ornaments. Ask your family or if you have kids to decorate ornaments with you. If you have kids in elementary or preschool, they will most likely be bringing hand-made ornaments home REAL soon. You could also just go traditional, a few ornaments here and there, a star, and lights. Hope this helps!

  4. :) said:

    lol. u can draw a pretty christmas tree. hahaa XDDDD

  5. memvg534 said:

    Go with a natural style and make garland out of pop corn and cranberries and decorate with pine cones and fake snow spray.

  6. Crater said:

    Go to your major retailor and buy heaps of tinsol and other cheap things.

    OR you could wait till boxing day Sale and buy everything at half price and keep it for next year:)

    Its up to you.

    Have a great christmas –

    Regards Crater

  7. Angie said:

    I didn’t have much money this year, but I added some doves with a string of beaded garland to make it look like the doves were decorating the tree. It’s not gorgeous, but it gave my tree some character. Plus it’s a conversation piece.

    Check it out..


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