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How should I start a Thanksgiving poem?

For Thanksgiving prayer, my family wants me to write a poem before we eat. Any good ideas?

I need help especially on starting it. I can’t seem to find a good way to start it off.

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6 Responses to “How should I start a Thanksgiving poem?”

  1. EyeCandy said:

    What day is today?
    Today is Thanksgiving day!

  2. Mikaela A said:

    The turkey sits upon my plate,
    waiting to get eaten.

    The stuffing sits beside it,
    looking like dried vomit.


    Turkey, turkey on my plate,
    you look so delicous but I just ate,
    a spoonfull out of the pie my grandmas made.

  3. yo mom said:

    gobble gobble gobble
    for the turkey Im grateful

  4. Nikki said:

    Remember the Pilgrims
    and Indians with grain

    All friends together
    Risking weight gain

  5. Megan L said:

    Sitting here with Family,
    I feel my thanks upon me.
    For long ago in feilds and forests,
    A freindship was held through the giving of food.
    Two present a new life and bond between nations.
    We sit beside this food and thank the time in which our country was started through trade of kindness.
    This food held life and a freedom between two colonies.
    God bless the food that is presented to us to bring us closer,
    Just as two colonies were brought in the same form of giving.

    I hope I helped.
    Of course you don’t have to use this i am just trying to give an idea.
    Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving

  6. agape abba said:

    Our Heavenly Father –

    We humbly ask that You bless this meal and those who prepared it and all who will enjoy it, along with our family, pets and friends and those who are not so fortunate.

    We have gathered together this day to agree, though we eagerly suffer for Your promise, we are rewarded constantly by the bounty of Your Grace and Love.

    In the name of Jesus Christ, we thank You and give You the praise, honor and glory and as always and forever out faith in Your Will.
    – Amen

    Spent all morning yesterday on this,
    Happy Thanksgiving


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