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How much will the economy affect your Christmas shopping budget?

Is this going to be a regular christmas shopping year for you or will it be a skinnier one?

How will you deal with this economic crisis this Christmas?

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6 Responses to “How much will the economy affect your Christmas shopping budget?”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving said:

    I am probably going to spend the same as last year but I am being more prudent and buying gifts that are useful as opposed to frivolous!

    Good Question!

  2. Camm said:

    It’ll probably be the same this year, just when I say “I don’t want anything.” Someone might actually take it serious for once lol.

  3. peppersham said:

    It won’t I have a budget,I will not go over it.I will buy useful rather than non practical things.That way I can buy more.I will not be buying any high end gifts.I think this year is a wake up anyway for many.You can have a nice Christmas on a budget and feel good about what you give.I am enjoying my shopping this year and think that I have done well so far.Merry Christmas!

  4. SteelersObsessed said:

    I am spending the same, just buying with cash every pay so that the credit card is not used (not a big deal for me as I pay it off monthly but still). I started in July, so that helps me alot. I think i’ve spent te same but it seems I have more people to buy for.

  5. Amy said:

    Some people might think that the higher inflation rate is going to affect the Christmas shopping this year, But I have found a website that will help remaining the craze of shopping this year as well.

    One can collect the coupons that would help in buying gifts and your desired things at discounted rates.
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  6. me said:

    my budget for christmas has been going down ever since i started college and im growing up and adding bills. i still love shopping and i want to buy a lot for people so im shopping smart


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